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New career and job searching

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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New career and job searching

Now that I have officially changed careers from hr/acct/admin to mental health/social services I find myself uncertain of a few things while job searching. My new field requires a Master's degree and 1-2 years full time experience, which I exceed when my paid and unpaid work is totaled up. Since the beginning of this year I have been working full time in my new field and I love the population I serve, but dislike the company. I knew I couldn't stay in this job forever since there's no growth opportunities, I'm overqualified, and grossly underpaid. I took it as a learning/networking opportunity, because it was flexible enough to finish school, medical is free, and the alternative was unemployment since my last temp gig ended abruptly.

Now I'm really wanting to do Master's level work, get a bit of a salary boost (I researched this based on where I live, job duties, qualifications, etc), and begin to outline my next professional goals. I've been sending out my resume to positions of interest that state Master's required and Master's preferred that are full time and part time. I have no problem putting together 2 part time jobs since that can be normal in this field.

This Friday I have scheduled 2 interviews for Master's required positions that I'm very interested in. Only one posted wage information and it is appropriate, the other hasn't disclosed it so I'm hoping to get that info in the interview. If they don't disclose it, but ask if I have any questions....would my inquiring about the benefits offered indicate to them that I want to know the wage too? I've never had to ask about that in an interview since it was always disclosed in the job ad or during the phone screen. I'm also still learning how to "sell" myself for this new line of work and don't want to shoot myself in the foot.

I've also been emailed by a 3rd company asking if I'd like to interview for a Master's preferred position. The position sounds interesting, is part time/on call, and the wage they disclosed in the email is less than I'm making now and way below the appropriate salary range for the expected qualifications. Is it worth interviewing with them anyway in case they have something better later and/or just for practice?
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