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Reapplying for "dream job" - how?

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Reapplying for "dream job" - how?

In the beginning of February I applied and was interviewed for what could easily be described as my dream job. Unfortunately, I did not get the position but was told that I would be kept in mind as they would be doing more hiring in the near future. Well, I guess itís the near future because this morning I noticed that they posted a job ad. I definitely want and know that I need to contact them to remind them about me and my interest in the position. Iím just unsure of how I should word things. Thoughts and suggestions? Do I just send an email with a note and my resume for reference or a new cover letter and resume? Thanks in advance!

PS I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum, my apologies if I've misplaced this.
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You could say in an email with your cover letter and resume that you previously expressed interest and applied for the position and you would be thrilled if they considered you for the position. If you know who the hiring manager is, you could try getting in touch with them by phone and inquire if they still have you on file. (Usually they keep you in their system for 6 months), but oftentimes, if it's been several months, they will just post another ad, rather than go through previous candidates, because who knows if the candidates have already found other work since the previous opening. Good luck!
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This actually happened to me in shorter succession because they considered their first search a "failed search" and re advertised the position with a changed job description to attract a wider pool of candidates. I felt dejected by the rejection but I asked a trusted professional colleague her opinion on whether it was worth applying again, and she said yes. She said I was obviously qualified and to not view it as a rejection but just that they wanted to have more applicants. I just reapplied and didn't say anything about having previously applied. I think that's a better strategy...why draw attention to the fact that you weren't picked last time? I vastly improved my cover letter and resume the second time around because that always happens when you go back and revise things with fresh eyes. Long story short, I got the job!
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