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Resume is bad: Would like some information on certain IT professions.

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Old 14th April 2014, 6:21 PM   #1
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Resume is bad: Would like some information on certain IT professions.

I haven't had the best work ethic in the past so I've hopped on job to job without learning anything that would be useful.

Shoot forward to now, I haven't worked in a few years and would like to return to the work force. But my resume is pretty bad. Riddled with some LONG employment gaps in-between and with no real experience, I think finding a real profession is going to be extremely difficult.

I've taken on some simple temp work for the time being but a friend of mine told me about getting certified in CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+. Originally I was going to take a class for it but since it's so expensive I've decided to just self-study and maybe take a class for the Network+ portion. I've downloaded the books and managed to get a family friend to teach me some hardware basics in the next few days. I'm curious, what is the job market for people with these certification? What are the chances with my bad resume that I could land myself an entry level job doing network/help desk then move on up from there?

Let me know your thoughts!
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Take a look at the careers section of and, perhaps as well. Good luck.
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It really does depend on where you are. In some east coast cities, there is a worker shortage in this industry. In Northern California, almost impossible. Without proximity to an urban center, very difficult.

Buffing up with some certifications will help. Work with a resume writing expert. They key is to make your resume want them to call you, then own the phone or in person interview from there.
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Old 18th April 2014, 9:58 AM   #4
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Do you have any IT experience?
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I am a manager at an IT Consulting company. I have about 20 guys under me right now with varying skill levels. Here are some of my thoughts.

  • Certifications DO help. Network + is a great start. As is MCITP, and CCNA.
  • If something on your resume really sucks, its better to leave it off and explain it in person if asked.
  • Don't lie on your resume. If I spot even a little lie, your rejected. If I can't trust you during the interview process, I can't trust you as an employee.
  • Past issues can be forgiven, as long as your up-front about them, and want to make a change. That doesn't mean you need to scream it from the rooftops, but if asked, be up-front.
  • Realize that given your history, you are going to be starting at the bottom, and don't expect much, including your starting pay.
  • Include your salary requirements if asked, or anything else. If you can't follow simple instructions, again, you will be rejected.
  • If you get an interview, dress for success. Bring your "A" game. If you come looking like you are about to walk into a club not a job interview, don't expect to get the job. You are suppose to be at your best on an interview. If you dress like a slob, and that's your best, they aren't going to want to put up with you at your worst. (Can you tell this is a big one for me?)
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