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Advancing with coworker. Not sure how to proceed.

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Advancing with coworker. Not sure how to proceed.

So I work in a different business segment with this woman at work. I assume she's mid 30s. She tends to be very friendly with everyone in general. It is promoted in our environment.

I've noticed her make a comment a few months ago when she saw me outside of work. "I thought it was you but when I saw you from the back (referring to my butt) I knew it was you". I thought that was funny.

Well I got her back one time when she had a meal. I told her that it would go straight to her butt. It made her a bit self conscious but a few days later I was telling her it was all playful and reminded her what she said to me.

The next few days I notice her notice me a bit more than usual. For example when I was on the second floor she looked up and smiled at me, or making small glances to see me. Busy eyes.

One time I saw her get food. She commented "I did my butt exercises this morning " I glanced back being a little cheeky and said "oh really? "

So I advanced with her one day at work and she start talking about getting on the right track with her diet and her exercises...I told her I find her really attractive. She was taken away and said "really?" because it was sincere and thanked me. I said we should do something sometime.

I tried to get her # but her friend came around and she said that they had to talk about some stuff...not sure if she was trying to deflect awkwardness or not interested or what. so I don't know how to proceed. Any advice appreciated
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leave it be. don't flirt with her or ruin your job (or hers) with potentially sexual comments that could come back to bite you in the butt :-) men are so very often wrong wrong wrong when they think women like them; 9 times out of 10 you are just talking with a friendly woman who wants nothing more than a small flirt session. the fact that when you said she was attractive and she was surprised is proof that it likely meant nothing to her. just do your job.
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