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22 years old and LOST!

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Old 6th May 2013, 1:53 PM   #31
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I was 25 before I knew my interest/blessing. Never proceeded w further education because I was M and wanted to have babies.

Reflect upon that that you have the strongest interest/passion. Perhaps consider starting at bottom of said field, until you are certain and w further education.
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Old 7th May 2013, 10:28 AM   #32
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It's really about iniative and putting yourself out there. I graduated last year as well, and I'm also 22, so I was in your shoes not too long ago, where I was jobless, getting rejections left and right, not knowing what the future holds. It's a horrible idea to go to grad school only because you have no idea what else to do, it's a waste of money to do so and you'd be in a worse position when you get out because you'd have that much more debt and a similar unforgiving job market. I graduated with a degree in psychology, and yea, that pretty much seems like a guaranteed degree in nothing lol. I was in texas for a couple of months after graduation for my military training and it wasn't until September when I really started applying for jobs. I legit applied to 7-8 jobs a day, even jobs as admin assistants/receptionists. I had multiple courses of action that I planned on implementing, depending on what job I ended up getting. At this point I just needed a job to start paying debt and was going to volunteer in the field that I ended up wanting my career in if the job had nothing to do with my interests. I must have applied to about 200 jobs in the 2.5 months I was unemployed before I finally got hired as a clinical research assistant. This job could not be more perfect for me.

My advice to you: Be open to anything and don't close yourself off to something that isn't related to your interests. Do not go into interviews with a sense of entitlement but go in, willing to learn and grow and develop. It seems that employers are more receptive to those who don't have chips on their shoulder for being college grads but more to those who understand that they've got little life experience and are willing to learn.
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I'm 27 and lost, facing my second layoff in 5 years.

Jobs are bullcrap, to say the least.
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