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Not smart/good enough for this!

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Not smart/good enough for this!

OMG I MIIIGHT not be smart enough for what im doing right now....

Let me explain

I just finished up a master in clinical psychology and got into a doctoral program for psychology. I went to a well known school for my masters and did really really well....but now in my doctoral program, im REALLY struggling to get by. I realized...i MIGHT have lucked out (and truthfully, maneuvered) in my masters. I chose really easy professors, whom didn't push too hard. Sure I learned a lot but when it came to grading, if you showed up, you got full credit.

Now in my new program, I came in with the same expectation, given that the school is not as well known....well, its been two months and I've already failed one competency exam, and just got the lowest grade Ive gotten in an assignment since I was in undergrad.

Im PETRIFIED Im not smart enough for this program.....on one hand Im thinking maybe if i Just work harder Ill be ok...but on the other...what if thats not enough? or worst...what if i CANT work harder? what if my study skills are so messed up that I can't work hard enough to get through this program? my classmates seem not be working so hard and are doing well....why am I struggling so much??

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have ever felt like this.....and if so, what did you do? did you quit? (I can't really do that since Im neck deep in student loans so I NEED the degree to even have a prayer of paying them back) if not, how did u manage to get thru the fear?
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