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When Your Company Sells to Another Company

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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When Your Company Sells to Another Company

Out of curiousity is there anyone out there that has been through this recently (dumb question, I know as many companies are changing names and such).

My company sold out in 1996, after that I noticed severe marked changes in everything. I just got called back to work after being laid off for 4 yrs and 7 mos, so sure there had been changes anyway. When I went back, worked for a completely different dept doing a completely different job....although these are still the "same" group of people (there was a bunch of people that worked for this particular division, we had just always been sectioned off by the job).

This "same" group of people became major back stabbers, I mean bigtime (it really wasn't needed as we were all blue collar and the likeliness for advancement was slim).

In dealing with my work issues, as I have many injustices that mentally I need to work out, I realized there were NO problems until XYZ bought and took over the company and that is when everything changed as far as attitudes.

The "bully" mentality began to take place on a much higher level...sure there were snitches and everything before, but we just "flipped" them off and went on our merry

It got real bad...slipshot work in order to look good in front of management, meaning quantity and not quality....and bad quality could mean the loss of lives (no exaggeration) time our inspector was told that a particular area was ready to be sold to the customer and he went in there to check it out and OMG he came out of there pissed....grabbed me and my friend and told us to get in there and fix it (the inspecter was a good friend so he was not being uncool to us...he could have lost his job because of shotty workmanship and then trying to pass it off to the customer) took both my friend and me 8 hours apiece to fix that mess that other people got the "bean count" and my friend got yelled at because we "got nothing done that day".

My supervisor took me in his office and yelled and screamed at me and as God as my witness, you know those cartoons where the character is crying and the tears are flying out...that was me, no lie. I don't know what goes on out on that floor....he said "I don't want to hear it" how could we defend ourselves?

Anyway, it was downhill from there and the company is now so cut throat that I had to go....I was smart about it though.

I worked at another co for awhile and told a couple of the workers very minor things just in conversation concerning other things, and they could not believe what I was telling them...they could not believe that those things went on out there.

My question is, is this an isolated thing where the people that I worked with were just not cool or is this common when a company sells to another...sorry this is so long, I am working out my hurts concerning old work issues and will mostlikely be in this particular forum a lot because I have stuffed a lot of stuff that happened at work and have not fully dealt with it.

I am not playing here, peoples lives are literally at stake concerning some of these works situations....the cars you drive, the airplanes that you fly in are all manufactured by PEOPLE....
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