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Asking for a raise!!!!

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Old 5th June 2002, 2:42 PM   #1
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Asking for a raise!!!!


I am posting here because it's more busy.
Well, I have worked at this company for about 10months now, and after some research into other companys I am severly underpaid as aposed to the average. The average for my administrative position is $24K-$28k a year. I am being paid only $21K. They are wanting to give me even more responsibilities to , which is fine, but I dont want to be taken advantage of. Also, our provincial health care is about to go two tierd, and this company offers to benefits. How should I approach my boss today. Should I bring up the research I've done into other companies pay rates, or what ? My living expenses for a month (rent, bills, bus pass, food) are about $1,100 per month. After taxes I am only brining home just under $1,500 per onth. As you can see, I am pretty broke. I feel I should be paid what other people in my position do. But this company I am with is notorious for being cheap. How should I say that if I dont get what I want, the I am outta here?
Please help!
Thanks in advance
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explain your reasoning to your boss

Just as you have here, explain why you think you deserve a raise.

Point out your value to him. Better would be to point to his own evaluation of you being needed.

I also think it would be wise to consider what you'll do if he refuses to give you a raise.

One strategy might be to have a job offer in hand with this higher pay.

Another strategy is to say nothing when refused the raise but go look for a new job.

Of course, best case is that they give you the raise.

BTW, I think the BEST strategy raise or not, would be to continue working at these very low wages but go to night school to upgrade your skills so you can get a much better paying job.

You will be stuck in a rut at the mid-20Ks range unless you do something to make yorself more valuable.
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YOU ASK: "How should I say that if I dont get what I want, the I am outta here?"

Don't say anything. See your boss in his/her office and ask for a raise. If none is forthcoming, silently pursue another job and, once you've found one, submit your resignation.

Businesses don't exist to make money for their employees, they exist to make money for themselves. That's just the way it is and not to blame them. However, you have to look out for yourself. If competitors pay more, why don't you go to work for one of them?
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Needless to say (but I will anyway), it would have been convenient if you had done your research prior to accepting this job, so you would have known you were accepting less than average pay.

You said the company you work for is "notorious for being cheap". Did you know that when you accepted this job? If you did, I guess you knew what you were getting into. If you didn't, now is a good time to start looking for another employer.

If you are serious about getting a raise, no matter the consequences, then start looking for another job that pays more. After you locate one and have a solid offer, you have the choice of asking for a raise at your current job or simply turning in your resignation and taking the new job. This is a win-win situation for you because you get a raise no matter what your boss says.

The only hitch would be if your boss does agree to match or beat the other company's offer. Then you would have to decide whether to keep working for a "notoriously cheap" company or not.

Good Luck.
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Old 5th June 2002, 6:25 PM   #5
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More responsibility is good!

More responsibility is good. After you take on more responsibility for a few months, go to your boss, tell your boss what your doing for the company and explain just how much the company is gaining from you. When your boss sees how valuable you are than he should give you a raise.

A dollar or two may sound reasonable to him to keep you staff. However take what you can get and if no raise is given or even too small of a raise is than your best bet is to start looking for someone who is willing to give you the salary you desire.

Allot of companies start people off at the minimum to see if the person is actually beneficial to the company. From that point on if you give an awesome impression than a raise is inevitable.

However, there are companies who like to take young, unexperienced, fresh help to train themselves and pay the minimum. From that point the employer will not want to loose the employee because of the time the employer has invested in the employee and cheap pay. The only benefit from that is a secure job and you could probably get a away with more slack.

Good Luck.
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the thing is, I get new responsibilitys about every week, I do A/P, A/R. filing data entry , markeing assistant, assistant to 3 execs, and various other managers, ect....

When I took the position, I was under the impression that this company didn't have much money. Now that they launched a new product, hired a VP and more execs, I realize that they have alot of dough.

It just dont know what to say, I am too nervous. I am the type of person that can come off very stern and out spoken. I just dont want to be too harsh, whne I give me reasons. Do I even have to give reasons? Is it out of place to say that other companies have offered me more? or would it be out of place to tell her my living expenses??please help, i am gonna do this in like 1 hour!!!
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Hi Mimi,

This is probably too late, but I just went through a similar situation and can give you some advice.

I really needed a raise, but before I asked for it, I made myself extremely valuable to the company.

I then wrote a letter to my board of directors pointing out that I really liked my job and was grateful for the opportunity. I went through all the things I had been doing that were not in my original job description, and pointed out several things that I had initiated on my own (I am not an admin assitant, but a director of an NGO- and actually had done tons of extra work). I also pointed out the things that I intended to continue doing that were new or innovative.

That said, I went on to point out that my salary had not been adjusted in X amount of time, that other companies paid X for my position and that my current salary level was not sustainable as I was using my savings to live on. I asked for a 50% increase (a bit steep, but the old salary was insanely low) and -- I got it.

I could never have asked for that in person. I think a well-thought out, well-written letter is a good idea. But do send it to a friend or two for advice, particularly someone older and in the sort of position you want to be in. They can really help.

Good luck. It sounds like you are on the right track.
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asking for a raise

Well, yesterday I asked my boss.......

And she didn't even let me finish, she thought I was going to quit! But she rushed me out of her office and said "I'll see what I can do". (she is the financial manager)

So, that was that. But then she came up to my desk and asked how much money I was looking to get. I told her, and she said "Ok, I'll see whta I can do". So now I guess I have to wait.
I think they will give me a raise, but not what I want. I think they'd only give me a little more than what I already have. I have a meeting coming up with the CEO and Controller about different duties they want me to do, and some new projects, so I will probabyl find out then............

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