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Here i am ...finally making decision that i need a serious advice....
a few years ago me and my husband and a close friend of his had invest in some franchise restaurant and its went really well , as time went by we are become closer and closer...< me and his friend> he is very good at what he's doing and i am a very good businesswoman ...we started sharing each other with our indoor issues,only talk and we had such a laugh..i can see from the look of his eyes theres something but i ignored it cause i never been unfaithful no matter how much my relationship with my husband is not the perfect one..

:: problems with me and my husband is we never speak the same language ,whatever it is>>> i go left he go right...!!always end up argue ,,,he never respect me in so many ways ...he used all the abusive language to hurt me even in front of my friends,family and even at work!! for 12 years its been like that and deep down i know im not a happy person ...i am very confident without him being around i am so trapped ...he control me everything ....he never looked after the kids or help me with them < i had 2 girls>...and he used to hook with gambling...thats the lowest point....

::: problems:: my OM is also married with 1 son ,,he's a kindess guy i ever met polite, so respectful ..he told me he took his wife out ,treat her well< i don't know if its the truth> and as i saw he is very good with his son...and im so proud of him ,yes they have some problems he confide with me but not as major as mine...we started talk more and more surprise how much we understand each other...

::roblems:::the infedelity started..and very emotional one....we felt for each other so much....then we thought it has to stoped because the guilt build up and up....we still has feeling for each other a lot ,we can not avoid each other because of the is the hardest things i ever my entire life...then we can not help it ..and started seeing each other again....but this time its only a short one and it hurts so much....we ended it again.....i don't know what to do is very hard working together ....and i had much more feeling for him ...every time isaw him he is very sad but try to hide it...same to me...we not speak much now....only work stuff......what shall i do?????

:roblems::: after the affair i became distant with my husband..i don't know what it is...i can not be normal husband and wife< you know what i'm talking about !!!!> and i think he suspect it... i am in my late 30 and still very pretty< i think> and i know i had the good heart...i knew that my love for my H died a long time ago....but i hang on because of the kids....sholud i stay with him for the sake of the kids<but i am so unhappy,i am very stress ,,,very very stress> is it the best way?
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Staying together "for the kids" is never a good move imo.

Seperate from your husband, then you can do whatever you like without being a disrespectful cheating wife.
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