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Jesus was no moral goodie 2 shoes

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Jesus was no moral goodie 2 shoes

Jesus was far from perfect by the world's standards of perfection. Even the Son of God got grounded by His parents when He was a teenager for wandering off in the temple for 3 days. When Jesus' parents found Him they scolded Him and He said to them that they should know He would be in His heavenly Father's house.

If Jesus were here today in the flesh He would be arrested for practicing medicine without a license by miraculously healing people. He would get a ticket for fishing without a license. He would be ticketed for vagrancy because He traveled on foot and the Son of God had no place to lay His head. It's practically illegal today to be homeless. You have to find a home to sleep in or the cops come harass you or arrest you.

Jesus would be arrested for vandalism if He flipped over the tables and pulpits of these money hungry mega churches today. We are too tolerant of these pimp dressing money hungry preachers like Creflo Dollar, Benny Hynn, Jessie Duplantis, Joel Osteen, and many others. These preachers are clowns and belong in a God damn circus! Many of these churches have armed security guards and if any gospel revolutionaries go in there to disrupt the service they will be escorted out of church and arrested for disorderly conduct.

If Jesus was here today He would be arrested by now for espionage for blowing the whistle on all kinds of things just like Edward Snowden. Snowden is a hero to the American people.

The same Jesus had the power to resist arrest back then as He could if He were here today. He had supernatural power on Earth to call down angels and set Him free from those who arrested Him. He could have done that but instead cooperated with the arresting process and stood trial because He knew He has a higher calling from the Father than just escaping trouble at all costs.

So no Jesus was not a moral goodie 2 shoes. He broke the rules yet He fulfilled the law and the prophets through His perfect love for all creation that the Father entrusted in His care.
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