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What? No one is talking about September 23 and Planet X????

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Solar eclipses occur roughly every 18 months--they are extremely common. -- That is true. However, the eclipse, plus a blood moon (which didn't happen) plus the specific alignment of the planets/stars in Virgo correlates to several specific earthly events that occur/occurred in Israel. There's much more to it than the numbers -- it's the events that are tied to dates and specific references in the bible in a number of different places in the bible.

focused on the number 33 because that is how old Jesus was -- He actually did pick that one wrong. The visual being drawn by Virgo and Jupiter coming through Virgo is that of a birthing which is roughly 37-42 weeks. The the start of this line up occurred roughly nine months ago. This entire constellation scenario occurred, supposedly, when Jesus was born.

The problem with Meade's supposition is that while there was an eclipse and a full moon and Jupiter was coming through Virgo, there wasn't a blood moon. A lot of the prophesy watchers got that mixed up. The other thing that messes with Meade's credibility is his further reference to Niburu, Planet X, etc. If he left that out, he might have received a little more credibility from me anyway. And, he really was misinterpreted that the 23rd would be THE day. The constellation cycle he's referring to actually ends in November. So, if he were to be correct still, there's almost another month for prophecied events associated to it to happen. (As a side note, NASA has confirmed that there maybe a Planet X. There is something out there messing with the axis of Pluto, I believe. That being said, if something that large was going to hit us, we'd be seeing it before now. Then again, if God really wanted that to happen, he could make it happen).

When everything the prophecy watchers are predicting as told through the bible happens, there will be a heavenly display preceding it which really has never happened before. Frankly, I think they have the season/timing, the constellation cluster and process right. When everything does go down, it will be in October, there will be a Blood Moon and Jupiter will "come out" of Virgo. The truth is that God could make the moon a blood moon at any time if it's the time he's prepared us for anyway though.

On top of all this some of the prophecy watchers are super good at say, astronomy/astrology and numbers but not so good with knowing their Bible and vice versa. For instance, one watcher was calculating to the year and against historical biblical events starting from 0. There is no year 0, so his calculations were off by a year so he couldn't have been right then anyway. I have yet to see anyone who is good enough at all of these things to get it right. And, guess what, I'd say that's exactly what God had planned all along. He doesn't want anyone to know and that's very, very specific. If someone does all this predicting often enough, eventually someone may end up being right even by coincidence . . . but who's gonna be remembering them for it?

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Originally Posted by Redhead14 View Post
In the end, we should just be ready anytime and living our lives well, with faith and hope.
Well said.
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