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For the spiritual among us: What do coincidences like this mean?

Spirituality & Religious Beliefs Contemplate your place and purpose in the universe.

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Old 17th April 2017, 8:22 PM   #1
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For the spiritual among us: What do coincidences like this mean?

I believe in the law of attraction and the energy of the universe.
Also, I have a highly developed 6th sense.

I would like to ask kindred spirits the following:

What does it mean when your birthday happens to coincide with many ocassions in your life?

2 of the most recent ones:
- My grandmother passed away on my birthday, I am her youngest grandchild.

- I liked a guy who I was working with abroad, and we hit it off really well via chat/Skype. This is weird, since we both knew we would probably never meet...but the chemistry was so very strong.. Then I noticed something was off as he couldn't lift it to chatting after working hours or having phone calls, yet wanted to keep in touch with me and was curious about my personal situation...I did some digging today as I felt something was not right, turns out, he got married on my birthday 7 years ago.

What do things like this mean? It starts happening more often and often
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Is it just related to things occurring around your birthday or do you see it in other areas of your life ?

Typically these types of coincidences are called synchronicities. Most in the spiritual world would say when you see things happen repeatedly or in a weird synchronicity manner its the universe opening a door to follow something. Kind of like a nudge or a tap on the shoulder - do this or follow this - this number is important. Some spiritual people believe this comes from a higher power - a guide - or our higher selves.

If you're someone who believes in Law of attraction then you might see things a little bit differently. These synchronicity's should come directly from you and be specifically related to what your thinking about and "attracting" into your life.

EG: I decide I want to change my diet and am thinking about going vegetarian - I start reading vegetarian books - then I suddenly bump into a friend who tells me how she just went vegetarian and I should join her on the diet so we can do it together. Synchronicity - I've attracted what I was interested in pursuing to make it easy to follow.

If you believe in this law of attraction method then you need to be conscious and careful about what you think about and where you place your focus - because the universe is going to "give you that". If I think I want to be vegetarian - the universe should give me easy options to become one. If I think I want to be a rockstar - I should get options to join a band - I want to become a movie director - I meet new friends who are in the movie industry etc etc.

If I think "weird and important events always happen around my birthday" and focus on that - then the universe might start to give me that continually. But ..... is that really useful ? Does it lead me anywhere important or towards something I want to pursue ?

If not then start placing your focus elsewhere on things you do want and see what you attract

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Things usually are busy and hectic around my birthday and leading up to it and after as well, plus a couple of people important in my life are close in time to my birthday and to each other's. Don't know why. A lot of it is coincidence, but there are some patterns.

I think mostly when we notice those things the most is when we are hyperfocused on someone. I mean, you pass people on the street every day who also share these dates but they are of no significance to you.
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ever played what if.......i gave up on what if.....too many me a headache......i do honestly believe things happen and they come from god who has a design plan and purpose for us...a rich tapestry that looks like a connect the dots a massive book of life will be our life to the tiniest unformed threads of possibilities and "chances" one day we get too see...... for everyone it will all make perfect sense......for now...i relly dont have a clue...

i do have predictive dreams.....i have visions and some psychic tendencies....they give me headaches.i am also an empath....i just try to live my life the way god wants me to..helping others give me focus.....dreams give me hope and my life ....often makes melaugh...even the bad parts (not why i am going through them that is) i am a worry wort.....and thats what i try and combat......i have to stop worrying and stressing my hair literally goes white....

always woprried if i do this what type of ripple am i going to send i ask for gods guidance..commonly...i go now with the grace of god i go......and fi i make a mistake i learn.....and that i guess is what bad stuff is learning experiences......i trust my heart more than my mind has been taught by others...but my heart......just knows...and that is where i feel my visons predictions and happenings are interpretated with the most accuracy...its where my instinct comes heart ........through feelings.....of the heart ...and not thoughts from my mind.....i also hear voices...but i am considered to be mentally ill...certified...but these voices give me insight.....

so who knows whats is and what isnt...i feel it matters more what you choose to do with your life than worrying about why...just do...and be you....and one we will all know whats real and what isnt..mayeb the numbers are important or maybe they arent...what matters in my opinion is that tomorrow is another day we live to learn how we can make a difference......make the world tiny step at a time....and in my opinion all glory to god should be given.....for a design and plan that is infinitely more than we could ever comprehend...with our child like minds....deb
in the ache of night,luminous prayers take fragile flight,
somewhere between battalions of warring sins,
there exists hope and love for peace begins...deb

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