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being a person and self-confidence

Self-Improvement and Personal Well-Being Start off with a great foundation! The place to ponder the journey towards improving yourself!

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being a person and self-confidence

hi guys,

first of all thank you for reading this. i need advices bec. sometimes i don't know what to do with that feelings...

i'm 21 years old. i have a LDR. i live another city from my family, i'm in a college. i'm gonna be a veterinerian (i hope so)

so, here is my situation:
i feel empty most of the time. usually, i don't feel like a person. i don't have so many friends actually i have friends but not close to me. people around me, younger than me, so their way of thinking is not the same way to mine. feel alone in this city. actually it is not a city. it is a little little town.. usually i jealous my boyfriend, so i always think about myself i don't have self-confidence. i like smart people, people who tries to improve themself. i wanna be like these people. i think i like myself. i have so many talents: drawing, taking photograph, writing, painting etc..

i don't know what to do. i'm 21 so i shame myself bec. still do nothing for myself and need advices.. i think always other people better than me, i compare myself even i know it's wrong..

so please, help me. i
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I'm going to say something I also need to do but improve your self confidence the thing about not having any friends (I know quite a bit about this) when you are going well in most other aspects of your life your fine but the second something goes wrong and you have no friends to fall back on that's when it goes wrong I'd say work on your confidence fixing other aspects of your life is more important than friends but that might just be me
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I also had a period when I could not cope with depression, I constantly had thoughts that something was wrong with me. My family sent me to a psychologist, he advised this therapy: every day, write in a notebook what I want to change in myself and what I like in myself. And each of the qualities to improve and develop in oneself, or vice versa - to try to cope with it. This helped me, and soon I figured out with my "I".
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You are a college student. Everybody feels the way you do at times in college. College is all about learning, exploring & figuring out who you are as an adult, independent of your family. That can be uneasy because you are being exposed to new ways of thinking & perspectives far different then those with which you were raised.

Read some books about improving self esteem. Keep a gratitudes journal. Every morning write 3 things you are grateful for in your life -- the big profound ones & the little ones. This morning mine included the refreshing glass of water that quenched my thirst when I awoke.

If that doesn't work, seek out peer counselors on campus.

Get involved in on campus groups to make friends. Celebrate your artistic talents more.

Try to be more objective about your own accomplishments. You are in college studying to be a veterinarian. Assuming you have the grades to match your aspirations, you ARE smart. You are one of the people you admire. Hang on to that. Do strive forward for continued excellence but recognize that you have a lot going for you.
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