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Boob jobs

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Originally Posted by Cookiesandough View Post
I decided that maybe I will not get a boob job!!! I'm too scared to do something surgically invasive to alter my body. I am such a coward! I told the doctor hold up and postponed it (I have 11 months to change my mind with my deposit) Thanks for all your help, Midwest. Everybody. Will update if/when things change
Don't feel bad for not wanting to do this surgery. I worked with Allergan and sold these implants for a couple years. I have a lot of experience with this surgery.

One thing that most people are not told is that your bodies first response to breast implants will be to encapsulate the implant in scar tissue. Huge massive amounts of scar tissue.

Originally Posted by Cookiesandough View Post
Thanks enig, Your post was very helpful and explains a lot of why I do not want to get them even though I have really wanted them at times and why I made this thread. I was worried they might actually DECREASE my dating options, especially if something goes amuck. I know there is a small stigma against them for some people and I heard someone say there is a different feel(Glad to hear this is totally not the case). But regardless, my rack has been plenty sufficient and guys who are my type seem to prefer smaller bust (e.g. my bf liked flatter than me!) I understand if you are an A wanting to go much bigger, but at a B..pretty much C, it's just not worth it for me.
Different surgeons have different levels of skill with this procedure. I have noticed that reconstructive surgeons are better. The ones who rebuilt women after breast cancer.

Having been with women who had breast implants on several occasions, including some long term... I don't think it matters. If you like the look and are Ok with the surgery... go for it. I don't think men will judge you either way. It gives some women more confidence I think.

I sometimes wonder what will happen when they learn how to do penis enlargements. My bet is that it will be the most popular elective surgery in world history. The point being that whatever part of your body you may feel bad about... the guy your with likely wants to change himself in some way too.
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Originally Posted by Cobra_X View Post

I sometimes wonder what will happen when they learn how to do penis enlargements. My bet is that it will be the most popular elective surgery in world history.
As a guy, I can guaranteed you it will not be that popular. Men aren't as obsessive about their packages as women are. Some men will do it of course. You can already see that with plastic surgery, it's mainly done by women, men rarely do it even though it could improve their looks with a better nose job or eyes changes. The reason for that is because men are not value for their looks as much as they are value for their success. Also large penis does not mean better sex, that's a myth.
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