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I'm struggling with the concept of being unwell

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Originally Posted by Elswyth View Post
Good advice. It's a little hard for some of us perfectionist types to actually DO in my opinion, but I try to keep this in mind, too.

Life is your coloring book . . . good luck staying inside the lines And, A broken crayon still colors . . .

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Thanks- I went back to work last Weds and I'm oncall now too overnight for a week from last Friday to this Friday. It's really tough this week- no one would volunteer to cover my shift to give me a break- even when the dept offered them a 50 a night extra pay incentive.

So far I've been called out for around 10 hrs extra overnight including a 6hr callout Saturday night til 1am. I'm struggling with sleeping after I've had to go in to work- so getting to bed between 1-3am most days and getting up at 6.30am for work. No one has had a week this bad in ages. The person last week had 2 calls and came in for around 1 hr. I went and spoke to someone at work today to say I was struggling with not getting enough sleep and they let me leave a couple of hours early so I could get a nap in before I was back in oncall. I'm really pleased I did go and address that with someone. Work is crazy busy as staff levels are really short due to sickness and this week is school holidays. So it was pretty good of me to go and admit that even though we were this short- I still needed time. I had a 3 and a half hour nap after work which greatly helped.

I'm feeling bad for my BF at the moment- I'm just so tired to try and give him much attention this week. He's off work for the week (as a teacher he gets different leave to me)- and fortunately he has managed to make a lot of plans with friends for the evenings. But we haven't had sex in just over a week because I'm so shattered or I keep getting called in to work everytime we start. Managed to fit in a blow job before I had to go to work for 6 hrs! But it can't be easy on him too.

Last night I was so grouchy when I got home at 11.30pm from another call out- he came over after being out with friends just to give me a hug- and I noticed he did lots of little things before he left this morning like all my washing up! I'll definitely be making up for it all when I have had more sleep!

My dad isn't really talking to me after I stuck up for myself a bit over his comments. He asked me if I was "cheesed off" with his last message- to which I replied that I was unimpressed with it- and mentioned a few other things. He hasn't replied. He's also gone on holiday for a month too. I met up with a friend for lunch this weekend and she told me that getting stressed over my dad was definitely something to go in to the "things not to get stressed about" pile.
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I had a back to work interview- and the manager shares an office with others so it was hardly confidential. She asked if there was anything that work could do to help prevent vertigo and I said I needed to be less stressed. She just replied that it wasn't just work stress and I would need to find coping stategies considering I had just accepted a promotion.

Someone who was in the office at the time came and found me after for a chat to check on me and told me to look after myself. She was signed off for a few weeks for similar reasons. She said it is hard when you are a perfectionist and you don't have the staffing to do the job as well as you should.

I have a telephone appointment with a counselling service in 2 weeks to get triaged to what kind of help they think I will need to give me coping strategies.
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