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Different sleeping patterns is making things difficult?

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Old 22nd November 2017, 9:18 AM   #1
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Different sleeping patterns is making things difficult?

My partner and I have quite different sleeping patterns: Iím an early riser and he wakes up a few hours later. We are in a LDR and so can only see each other at weekends, a couple of times a month.

I donít mind waiting for him to wake up after I do; it is more that when he does, he wants to snuggle together for a couple of hours more and wants sex. We end up getting up from bed around midday; about 4 hours after Iíve woken up.

Lying in bed for 4 hours after I wake up gives me a headache, and the other thing is I am not turned on in the mornings like he is. He always wants to have lots of sex in the mornings and it is a bit of a chore for me. When he finally feels like getting up I have lost my energy.

Does anyone have a solution? Thanks
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Old 22nd November 2017, 10:35 PM   #2
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In general, late risers end up being the last to leave bed, and early risers just end up doing what they need to do. There isn't a lot of wiggle room in a situation like that. I suppose you could figure out what time he normally gets up, and return to bed around that time to wake him up and snuggle? As for the sex, how is he at night before bed?

Left on my own without a job to get me up in the morning, I become nocturnal and I will sleep until noon. At one point in my life I was staying home while my partner at the time had to wake up for her early morning job. She was also late-to-bed and required very little sleep. Our compromise was that I got up early with her, but that we were in bed together early so I could sleep next to her while she worked on her computer.

Nowadays I'm the early riser, and I have two late-riser GFs. One gets up with me most mornings, and the other tends to stay late in bed. Weekends, though, we're all on the same page.
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For the most part, men want sex more in the morning than they do any other time of day. We produce testosterone while we sleep, so we wake up with truly uncomfortably hard erections that we are dying to use on a girl. It's only natural for a guy to want to have sex before starting his day. It's kinda worrisome that you consider sex with him to be a chore.

If you outright, absolutely refuse to have sex in the mornings, go do something else. Leave a note for him while he sleeps that you are off doing whatever it is you are doing and request that he join you when he gets out of bed. It helps if you are dressed nicely and take a selfie to send him as well. That will motivate him to get out of bed to go meet you.
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