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how to like my middle aged body

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Old 21st August 2017, 7:42 AM   #106
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I'm 45, and I'm a little fat, gained about 15 lb over the past year. I am working on losing that but I still won't be what you call "skinny". I am comfortable at a size 10 in clothes, now I'm 12 and pushing 14 if I don't do something about it (which I am). I like my body overall, and I think at my age I look better at a bit higher size than lower, I don't want to be size 4 or 6 now. 8 or 10 would be good.

I'm going to Weight Watchers. Having someone weigh you weekly keeps you motivated to not overeat. Although I gained the 15 lb since my husband and I moved in together (by eating with him and not paying attention that I'm smaller than him and shouldn't eat what he eats), before that I kept my weight stable by eating only two meals a day and no snacks. The meals would be almost always the same, with small variations. They'd be about 7-800 cal each.

When I did lose about 25 lb around 2013 I did that by going to the gym 5x/week and also only eating two meals a day: at 11am and at 5pm, only that the 5pm one would be small: cornflakes with milk, soup or a salad with protein.

So yeah, to keep my weight I absolutely cannot eat three meals a day and add snacks besides one piece of fruit maybe. Unless I eat a half grapefruit in the morning and call that a meal. That's not a meal to me, so I don't do it.

So overall, I hate my thighs, but hate is too strong of a word. I have a hourglass shape and I'm heavier on the bottom, have a big round butt, that is getting less round with age, but stays big lol I'm fine with it. I am more concerned about my face, which is round and getting rounder if I gain weight. But who is perfect? I'm very happy and want to be slimmer so I'm healthy and live a long life. I don't exercise now, as in gym stuff, just walk every day with the dogs.

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I have found lifting weights (especially heavy weights doing compound movements) to be really helpful at reshaping my body and toning things up. It should help with the metabolism too since muscle needs more calories than fat. People tend to lose muscle mass with age so that might be why it's harder.

As for the diet, 1200 calories seems really low. I'm not sure of your weight and height but I personally I find anything under 1400 and I start getting hormonal imbalances, etc.

I would also look into a 'reverse diet'. It will help you get back to a higher number of calories post diet without gaining back all the weight. Lyle McDonald has some really good videos on this subject on youtube.
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