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Severe Cramping in Lower Left Leg

Physical Fitness, Health & Weight Management Staying fit and physically healthy is essential! Remember, we aren't subsitutes for your physician! As always, talk to your doctor before following any suggestions or advice!

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Old 25th September 2016, 4:15 PM   #46
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Originally Posted by katiegrl View Post
Hi ASG, I am trying to figure out what you're experiencing cause if you felt cramping like I described, you would definitely feel it!

So you just walk around with cramping muscles all day? With cold sweats?

But you have become immune to it?

How much do you drink (alcohol)?

Yeah you may be dehydrated if you drink a lot but damn what you are experiencing sounds pretty horrible.

What does *your* doctor say about it?

Anyhoo, last night I drank 16 onces of fresh purified water (no mineral) before bed and woke up with zero cramping today! Yay.

I *will* be seeing my doctor though...who will probably have me undergo a blood test in case something more serious is going on.
The bad cramps in my legs only happen when I'm asleep and stretch my legs too much. I definitely feel them, but they don't *hurt*. Not exactly anyway. So I just either walk them off or put my foot on the wall.

If I'm really tired my feet will also cramp. That one has to be walked off.

I even have cramps on my hips when having sex. Because they don't hurt, I sometimes power through and then I'm in agony the next day.

Being in a pool always triggers cramping for me as well. I need to be alert to stop them before they fully form.

I've just become used to it. I don't wake up with cramps every day, and when I do its usually a mixof tiredness and dehydration (I do drink a significant amount of alcohol and not really enough water). Most days I just have a threat of a cramp that I can stop before it becomes a proper one.

Yay for the no cramping though!!
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Old 25th September 2016, 4:16 PM   #47
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Originally Posted by sooshi View Post
Aww, thanks, Midwest. I'm on my way to becoming a holistic nutritionist.

The water issue can be tricky. I'm personally not in favour of just tap water, because of what can be found in it--residues of birth-control pills, antibiotics, and more. It depends on how well your local municipality filters the water.

And Midwest... mmm, your homemade V8 sounds yummy!!

You're going to be great, already are!

As for the organics, point taken. It depends not only on the treatment, but the source. As the saying goes, the solution to pollution is dilution. We have plenty of water here. I've had to test during both droughts and floods; each presents it's own issues. Floods drag the nitrates out of the farm fields. The US limit on nitrates is 44 ppm. In general, tho, they aren't usually an issue. Drought just concentrates everything that's already there.

I might invest in my own purifier if I lived on a coast. If you live in Colorado, you're Golden (oh, wait, cannibis!). But seriously, Fort Collins has the best water.

AFAIK, testing for antibiotics and hormones would be extremely cost prohibitive. Kinda scary. One can only hope that the treatment methods take some of it out.

You know what I don't like for drinking? Softened water. My client softens theirs (believing it to be good for their triplets), and the ice cubes give an off taste to my Coke. First world problem, I know!

And, I'd have to look it up, but I'm not certain 'purified' always means demineralized. It may just refer to organics. Correct me if I'm wrong, or maybe some are and some aren't. Distilled would definitely be demineralized. I like my minerals, to an extent. I've lived on super hard well water, and it was as bad as the softened. Middle ground is good!

Yep, they were my own tomatoes and peppers. No spraying allowed. Just a quick rinse off of the dog urine.
Well, bless your heart.
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All this talk about purified water, demineralized water, Perrier, etc., reminded me of something my Doc told me years ago. Tap water is usually the best. It has a balance of minerals put in it by nature, not man. As long as it has no germs in it, it really does beat the water you buy at the store all to *ell
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