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The entry-level 30: Saying no to free food?

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The entry-level 30: Saying no to free food?

Between having started my first office job where I sit on my a$$ all day and there are always free doughnuts and pizza being around, getting a boyfriend who wants to take me out all the time, and living in a freaking hotel room with no kitchen and free oily dinners, I have gained at least 20 pounds this summer.

I'm the heaviest I have ever been.

I was in denial at first, since I had never had to work out or diet to maintain my size of 6, at most; but I can't lie any longer. None of my old clothes fit. I've slowly accumulated a closet full of fat stuff.

Now, I know I need to exercise and eat right. The exercise I can do: my body responds fast so it's easy to stay motivated, plus I like the way running makes me feel.

However... never in my LIFE have I said no to free food. When it's RIGHT THERE, and in the case of my office, where there are always meeting leftovers, DELICIOUS to boot, I feel compelled to eat until I barf. I think it's some kind of crazy instinct I developed in the days I couldn't afford groceries. Or maybe sometime in my childhood, when my family couldn't afford food, either.

At any rate, I literally cannot say no.

Does anyone else have this problem? What's the mindset I have to adopt? Right now my reasoning for "EAT!" is I won't have to spend money on food later, and I just can't seem to snap out of the poverty-stricken mindset.
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I had to adapt to that. I'm a real health nut, and where I worked the folks were on the opposite end of the spectrum. Always had donuts, pies, cakes, cookies, you name it. You've gotta pass up the free food. I only ate the junk when there was a birthday party because everyone was around. When somebody offered food or had food in the break room, I just said "Thanks, I'm not hungry right now" or "I'll get some later."

Bring some healthy things to work and keep them in your desk drawer or fridge at work to snack on instead. If you're not hungry you won't be nearly as tempted by the junk.
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