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throwaway2k17 3rd January 2018 4:04 PM

Almost 3 years sober off of opiates and still bored of life while sober
Im 24, in march i will be 3 years sober from heroin. I still drink occasionally, usually on weekends. I don't take it to the extreme, but i find that when i have 2-3 beers i'm in an absolutely incredible mood. When i'm sober i'm a shell of who i once was. Not to sound miserable but i wish myself on a couple beers was my permanent self.

My confidence is so high, smiling, social anxiety gone. I want to do fun activities etc. It's like a warm blanket of a self esteem boost. During the weekdays however, during work or anything, i'm a completely different person. I've tried absolute sobriety and exercise but i literally could not care less about running, the gym, or the outdoors. None of it appeals to me. I'm an introverted type who likes to smoke cigarettes and make art. I wonder if i'll ever learn to truly enjoy being sober.

Any recommendations beside exercise or reading? I like reading from time to time but the whole quiet sit down time thing sort of depresses me and makes me feel lonely.

Art_Critic 3rd January 2018 4:35 PM

You do realize that if you hadn't of quit that your chances are pretty high that you wouldn't be here to write this post today.
Instead your family and friends would get together on your death anniversary and tell each other how much they miss you.

Good for you for getting clean, be proud of yourself and be proud of the boring life you are living because you are living it.

My life after giving up Alcohol some 30+ years ago could have been considered boring during some stretches but for the most part I replaced that fun with another, back in the early days with boating, home projects and the like and today with a wife and child and before that work or whatever other project I had going that I enjoyed doing.

Congrats on your continued sobriety.. glad you posted

S2B 3rd January 2018 5:27 PM

Work a LOT!

Sponsor other folks trying to get clean.

Learn more about your recovery and try to become the best you - you can be!

Keep learning - keep growing...

unit1 20th January 2018 8:22 AM

Try to build up a hobby that u really can invest more time in....

also try youtube hypnosis video for healing, addiction therapy, and others, youtube is great start to stay .

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