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Things my ex girlfriend taught me

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Things my ex girlfriend taught me

Hey all finally feeling myself again all though I still feel a bit emotionally damaged but I don’t think it’s repairable, sitting and thinking about it all I was always blamed for everything, that being said I’m not perfect , but I realize she was the abusive one and put me through absolute hell causing me a great deal of stress but my love for her had me blind sided, so here the things I learned.
1. After the ugly break up, she said she can do so much better than me, I have yet to see that because I hear all the guys just want to screw her ����.
2. That coworker she told me was just a friend after the break up they hung out he got her piss drunk and tried taking advantage of her. While we met up she told me I was right all along ( girls if your boyfriend says a guy is no good trust them).
3. I was always dragged in the middle of vicious fights between her and her mother I mean vicious and that screwed me up pretty bad, cause she’d get alll mad at me and start smacking me for not sticking up for her TO HER MOTHER!!
4. No matter what I did for her it was never good enough I did for that whole family, in return? I walk into her house one day after work to have her drink mom start flipping on me calling me a lazy pos. Due to this I called a buddy in another state asking how to fix it he’s like my mini therapist, my ex got mad and drove 4 hours to live with her brother for 2 weeks. I stayed up all night making sure she got there safe.
5. Respect was too much to ask most of our fights were cause of coworker and other people I didn’t know that she was txting ( I understand she’s allowed to have friends but I had one rule if they deny my request on social media than they are no good “guys”)
6. She told me after the break up one day I’ll realize one day how much she loved me but all’s I keep seeing or hearing about how she’s asking my friends she met thru me to hang out or hooking up with people I use to call friends they were never close friends but friends.
7. 6 months after no contact, she ask to meet stupid me agreed we hang out for 2 months, had sex almost got back together one day at a party she runs around accusing me of hitting her that night. While passed out up stairs far from her ����
8. She said she liked how we matured but after those 2 months I realize she is still the same old girl I dated she only changed herself for the first month of dating and as friends and went right back to her psycho ways.

9. I always believed her when she said it was me. But now that she’s somewhat out of my life( same carrier and company ) I never had any of these problems with the new girls I met
This being said we did have a lot of good memories to, we slept together everyday, basically marriage without the ring and those are some of the things I miss, having a hard time find the spark I had with her in someone else and I feel that’s where the emotional damage is coming into ay

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