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preraph 28th November 2018 6:55 PM

Message Window messed up all devices
Anyone else having this issue? The home screen with all the categories looks totally normal, but if you go into a category, like "Dating" or into a thread, it's blue and white and you can do everything except there is no "Like" function there, and there's icons just everywhere and it's hard to read. What's up? I thought for sure it was my new Windows 10 I've only had for a week, but I looked on my other PC as well as my android phone and it's the same on all my devices. I rebooted, but that didn't work.

Artdeco 28th November 2018 7:05 PM

Same here 🙁

preraph 28th November 2018 7:07 PM

Thanks, glad it's not just me. Sort of....

Robert 28th November 2018 7:13 PM

I have sent an email and text to Paul.. hopefully he will be able to handle it quickly otherwise it will look this way till he can.


Robert 28th November 2018 7:13 PM

it also seems to go away after a reply to a thread but comes back when you go to the first page of a thread

Erik30 28th November 2018 7:14 PM

Yeah same. I also noticed that I can no longer see how many likes I had in total, it used to be next to my username. It's not really a big deal, but perhaps the "like" feature has been removed?

salparadise 28th November 2018 7:17 PM

Yup. Looks like the CSS is broken. The elements are there but they aren't styled. I had to search for the reply button––it's a tiny box with a "?" in the vicinity of where the button should be. Actually, I think the part of the CSS that determines order and position is working or else everything would be in a vertical column down the left side. But graphic elements and colors are gone. Shall we have a pool on how long it will take to get fixed?

Normm 28th November 2018 7:41 PM

The only way (that I know of) for the CSS to be broken is when work is being done to the site. So working on that theory, whoever broke the site is aware of the issue and can rectify it sooner rather than later.

At least everything works even if it looks weird.

William 28th November 2018 8:07 PM

CSS appears to be messed up on some renderings and not others. I went to post to this thread with my observations on Paul sightings and it rendered fine. Neither Paul nor his alter egos has been here for over a month. He could be signed in to the main server account and working on this or the new forum but I can't see the new forum (could in the past but not for a month or so) so no real idea. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch. If so, apologies for the inconvenience!

preraph 28th November 2018 8:36 PM

It's still messed up.

Robert 28th November 2018 9:33 PM

Paul did reply to my text about this issue so I would imagine that it will get fixed as soon as he can.

Robert 28th November 2018 9:38 PM

it seems the main css file is there... it uses an @import command when the page loads so it might be something else other than the file gone missing...

William 28th November 2018 9:39 PM

Ha, ha, I'm glad someone has his phone number. I lost it years ago, I think after one of those Paul/Tony/Robert/William conference calls :D

Still no log-in from Paul. This thread rendered OK from the search list.

Robert 28th November 2018 10:15 PM

It seems to me that if you use the go to last post arrow click off the new posts page that it works okay but if you click the title of the thread it doesn't.

Saracena 29th November 2018 10:09 AM

I noticed this last night and problem persists again today!

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