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Sloppy thread editing

There is new threads in separation and divorce that are closed can we get an explanation?
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Sure, alert on the relevant post and inquire of moderation privately. Generally, unless a statement is posted and I'm one moderator who generally posts statements, don't expect an explanation. However, you can read the pinned thread at the top of this forum for more information on that, as well as deleting posts and threads and the site owner and former head moderator add their comments. Here's the link:

Why threads and posts "disappear" or are deleted in this forum.

In general, there are three main reasons for closing threads.

1. The thread starter is banned and the thread pertained to their relationship issue and was not of wider general interest.

2. As our former head moderator used to opine, threads generally go off-topic after five posts and off-topic postings are another reason for closing threads. We close them instead of individually sanctioning members and removing their posting privileges for their actions.

3. Drive-by posting. A new member posts and never returns.

ETA, if your inquiry is about this thread:

It appears that would be #3. New member posted thread, logged out two minutes later and never returned. In addition, they had posted duplicate threads which is a no-no.

If this one:

That's number 1. Moderation never shares 'why' on those.

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Thank you for your time and assistance.
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