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new subscription issue - confirmation e-mail problems Questions and Comments The place to post any questions or comments you may have regarding or the Community Forums. Please Contact Us privately with any inquiries related to your personal account.

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Old 28th June 2017, 6:13 AM   #1
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new subscription issue - confirmation e-mail problems

Is there a problem with sending out of authentication emails?

A new subscriber hasnt had theirs. He also reset his password in an attempt to get the account activated but no reset email was recieved either.
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Old 29th June 2017, 6:29 AM   #2 Moderator Moderator
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Replied to this member privately.

For other new members who may be reading, we will do some testing on this but be sure to check Spam folders as some times our authentication Emails turn up there. ~T
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Old 7th July 2017, 12:50 PM   #3 Moderator Moderator
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Here's my take on this as the oldest moderator....

I've noticed changes in registrations of late, mainly numbers, and some changes in spam registrations as well. There appear to be more unconfirmed accounts, which apparently is the topic of this thread. I'm not sure of the cause but the lack of confirmation e-mail causes me to remember back when a similar, though pervasive across the entire forum, issue occurred a number of years ago, effectively ending any new registrations.

My understanding is, then, the site owner shut down the e-mail system to kill the spam registrations. That worked, but the side effects were two, one perhaps less important but another very important and leading up to my caution:

1. New members couldn't register

2. *Any* member who took an action requiring a confirmation e-mail would never get one and effectively lost access to their account. Reset your password or change your e-mail? The action would never complete while the system was shut down.

Hence, while I might consider the caution a bit premature here, I'd suggest unless there are strong reasons to take account actions requiring a confirmation e-mail, I'd avoid them for now.

We do have spam bots registering new accounts daily, though not as prolifically as in the past by my review, so that's a good sign the e-mail system is still working.

Like moderator ~T suggested, check one's spam settings and/or folder to make sure e-mails are getting through and please report any difficulties here. Thanks!
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Old 7th September 2017, 9:42 AM   #4
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New Membership Errors

Hi LS,

Just wanted to say that it was extremely difficult to join here & even though there was a post detailing my exact issue, I couldn't actually post on it to let any moderators know and received no replies to my many requests.

I hope this issue has now been fully rectified and all new members are finding the support that they require much quicker than I have.

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Old 7th September 2017, 10:29 AM   #5 Moderator Moderator
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Moderation doesn't have any access to the site e-mail system. What we do have access to is the 'alert us' link on every post and private message on the site.

I'll run a check on your information and see if you got caught up in the spam lists somehow. That happens occasionally.

Thanks for the report and I'll merge the threads to bump that one up.

ETA, it appears one issue was with a duplicate account which never was confirmed and was using an e-mail. In general, that e-mail server is one our hydras and spammers often use so results are variable. The current account uses gmail which generally experiences fewer confirmation issues.

Last edited by William; 7th September 2017 at 10:50 AM.. Reason: Checked account.
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