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Supporting Members

A couple months ago, I've decided to become a Supporting Member for six months, not pricey at all as I think I paid about $12.

I did this strictly to help cover forum host and its cost to Paul (Founder, MIA)

I appreciate the privileges of being a SM, especially more PMs, images in signature and posting journal entries and so forth.

I've noticed that many new members also quickly become SM lately.

My question to the mods and I don't know if they have the answer is will it all be sufficient to cover the LS vBulletin cost for X more years whereas Paul seems to have left the building?

We are running on vBulletin 1997 version told me @William some weeks back and it would be nice if some of our money could help upgrade this forum.

Thanks in advance for any help. Have you guys completely lost contact with Paul?
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Old 12th March 2017, 9:51 PM   #2 Moderator Moderator
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We're running vB 3.8.8, last I checked, which is similar to many forums on the internet. Definitely it's not the newest build. In some ways, mainly mobile access, it's behind the times but in other ways it's simple, fast and easy to read with no HTML or image clutter.

From my perusal, there are very few supporting members, at least compared to active members, and though I'm sure Paul appreciates the support it's the ads and page views and rankings that pay the bills that Paul himself doesn't pay.

When new members become supporting members quickly, it's likely due to wanting immediate PM access since that's the most obvious benefit of the program. I often suggest it to members who start up 'wish I could message you' off-topic content in threads and I trust some do so.

Since our last overt contact Paul has visited a few times though not with his official ID and hasn't engaged us. I'd be happier if he did but it is what it is and it's his forum and he pays the bills so his prerogative.

I do have one favor to ask and that is to advise us if you ever have any problems with the subscription system. There was a period, I believe back in 2014, when it was messing up and I told members to avoid it until Paul got it fixed, which he did. Since then I haven't seen any complaints.

Wish I had more positive news but I'd rather give the straight dope than paint a rosy picture up. Thanks for the inquiry and for supporting the forum.
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