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How are posts/threads edited/deleted? How is a username changed/deleted? Questions and Comments The place to post any questions or comments you may have regarding or the Community Forums. Please Contact Us privately with any inquiries related to your personal account.

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How are posts/threads edited/deleted? How is a username changed/deleted?

Moderation has consolidated questions and answers from past threads on this topic into one place for easy reading.

At this point in time, the site owner, the only person who can delete accounts/change usernames, is here only very occasionally and generally doesn't interact with members so we'll consider the policy below to be standard.

Common questions:

Q. Moderator, please delete my thread.

A. If your thread has responses, policy is to retain the thread and its responses. Link to Community Guideline section

Q. Moderator, please edit my post.

A. Moderation can edit posts as long as the post does not have direct responses and/or the edit does not substantially change the content of the post.

If requesting an edit, please include the content desired to be inserted as a replacement post, in a form ready for publishing, and via the 'alert us' link on the post the edit is requested for.

Q. Moderator, please change my username.

Moderation cannot change or edit usernames. There is one person who can do that and his status is noted at the top of this post

Q. Moderator, please delete my account

Moderation cannot delete accounts. There is one person who can do that and his status is noted at the top of this post.

Our alternative solution is to suggest the member remove any personal information from the account and request we lock it (ban it). Another alternative solution is for the member to reset the account password and throw away the confirmation e-mail so the account resets to unconfirmed status.


Common thread and post related questions:

Q. Why can't I edit my post/thread?

The person who owns the forum and constructed it set it up to only allow a brief period of user-controlled editing. That period varies depending upon the post and any responses.

1. If the post has no responses, it can be user-edited for a short period of time without any notation of that edit and a longer period of time, from my experience up to a couple of hours, with a notated edit (readers can see the post was edited). After that period, no user edits are available.

2. If the post has responses, user edits are disallowed. The only editing allowed at that point is by moderation.

3. During the user edit period, if a user has posted a thread-starting post and wishes the subhead title edited, that is available by using the 'advanced edit' function in the editing pane and inserting the edited/new title into the appropriate field. After the user edit period expires, users may request a title edit via the 'alert us' button on the starting/following post as appropriate and moderation will process their request.

*** New***[4.] A member who starts a thread which receives responses may not be able to edit their starting post but they can definitely update or clarify that starting post at any time, regardless of when the last response was received. That's a privilege the site owner reserved to thread starters. Otherwise, after 60 days or so, the thread quietly closes (no indication other than one icon turning blue and reply button disappearing) to responses. The thread starter can reactivate the thread by posting to it by using the 'quote' button or 'post reply' button and entering desired content in the full reply box. We encourage this rather than starting a new thread on the same topic.

In general, policy is to retain content which falls within our guidelines of discussion and to balance that policy with our commitment to member anonymity and privacy. Some common-sense tips about privacy.

1. Use a unique username, e-mail and password for Avoid use of names or phrases which might identify one in real life, if anonymity is important.

2. Avoid divulging personally identifiable information in postings, especially obvious information like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, physical locations, real life names, etc. Once that information is there, even if reported and/or we catch it later, the search robots have grabbed it and it's all over the internet.

3. Be judicious in the use of pictures. We recommend never using a real-life picture of oneself as a avatar. Become familiar with profile privacy settings to maximize your privacy from both casual visitors and registered members. This is the internet and picture matching software is out there and people can be anyone they choose to be, generally anonymously.

4. If any member has compromised your privacy, send content regarding that breach to moderation and we'll take action on that. There is an 'alert us' button on every post and private message on, and pressing it will send the content and your message directly to all of the moderators for review.


This posting, and site policy, may change at any time, again at the pleasure of the person at the top of this post. He sets the policies. We implement them. Thanks for reading!

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As moderation often receives requests to delete or edit posts, generally of a vague nature, apparently presuming we read every one of tens of thousands of posts and know member's stories in intimate detail and, well, just receiving yet again another such request, I'll offer the following as a separate post so it's in no way ambiguous.

1. If your post or thread has responses, do not expect it to be deleted, ever. You can try to get yourself banned or yell at moderation or whatever, but it won't be deleted as long as it conforms to our guidelines and has responses.

2. If you want to edit out personal information you feel is detrimental to you socially, compromises your personal safety, or otherwise could be used by anonymous users to identify you in the real world, feel free to submit an edited version of that posting, via the alert us button on the post, and include an edited version of the post in a form that we can copy and paste into the original if we so choose.

Personal information is names, dates, places, times, specific actions, ages, etc, etc.

If you post a verbatim chat with another person and ask that members analyze it, don't expect it to be deleted once analyzed (this is common!).

The same goes with copying and pasting specific posts from other forums which may identify you. If you don't want it left here forever, don't post it.

Thanks for reading!
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