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Why do threads get moved?

I understand a thread might be more relevant elsewhere. But on under some topics you're lucky if there's even 10 people viewing that topic.
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Originally Posted by Sugarkane View Post
I understand a thread might be more relevant elsewhere
You answered your own question, if a thread is in the wrong forum it gets moved to the more relevant forum, regardless of how many views it gets.

as an example: leaving a post about an abusive breakup in the dating section might get it more views but the people posting in that forum are giving advice on dating and moving it to the breakup section allows it to be viewed by a more appropriate audience, giving the thread starter a better chance of getting the advice they need.

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Most of the threads I move are reported by other members as being mis-categorized. What I do is look at the top of the forum for the description the site owner gave to that forum, along with any further guidance we've received privately from the site owner, and then process the thread per those instructions. I would say I move less than a dozen threads a day. Sometimes threads which appear to have been moved were actually merged with similar threads by the same thread starter (very common) or into consolidated threads if they are about a commonly discussed subject.

Edited to add that we have a couple of members who apparently read a lot of threads and follow various members stories and alert us to threads which are continuations of previous threads. Here's an example of a common report regarding them:

"Continuation of previous thread. Merge?"

Moderation views the member's profile, scans their threads and merges as appropriate. Since duplicate postings are disallowed, merging similar threads saves the member an infraction or deleted post. However, when we merge, we leave a redirect with the merged thread's title, so it appears it has been 'moved'. It has, to the similar thread it is merged with. That's one example of 'moves'. I added this because I just processed a few threads from alerts like this.

Thanks for the question!

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