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Old 26th September 2013, 12:03 AM   #1
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I know it is verboten to link to a wide-variety of sites. What about a thread letting users know that a link is available via PM if they so wish?
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Here's what the site owner writes about solicitation and advertising.....

Terms of Use -- Solicitation/UCE: You may not post or transmit any advertising, promotional materials or any other solicitation of others for goods, actions, or services of any type.

That covers the breadth of the site, including the PM system and placing such links/contact information in one's signature or profile. As an example, if a member reports another member sending them 'links' via PM, or soliciting them publicly or privately, the person doing such soliciting or sending is subject to ban. Basically, if there's any inkling of someone, being any member or their referral, making money or deriving other benefit from free advertising provided by the web presence of LoveShack on the owner's nickel, that someone will probably be banned if reported or caught.

External links & fair use: External links must be non-commercial, provide empirical data relevant to the thread of discussion, be sponsored by an accredited educational institution, or link to a peer-reviewed publication

As a moderator, my interpretation is, if I click on the link and see promotional materials or links to items or information for sale, the prohibition against commercial advertising comes into play. To a lesser degree, if using LoveShack to drive traffic to a blog site to grow their audience on the site owner's nickel, that's also considered solicitation, especially if the topic is regarding the linked site and/or if there is no topically relevant text quoted, rather just 'check this out' and similar statements.

Thanks for the question.

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