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Moving threads to consolidated threads

I know you've addressed this kind of thing before, bit it really needs looking at - the current system is VERY divisive to new members, it makes the site look cliquey. Surely you want to avoid that?

The OLD consolidated thread covers a multitude of topics. Shoving all OLD topics into a 100+ thread basically buries them. Do you seriously expect new members to wade through it? OLD is *not* just a one size fits all topic.

Could you at least consider allowing topics to be discussed, and then once they fall onto page 2 or 3 THEN move them into the consolidated thread?

Topics that fall within "OLD" don't get into good, meaty discussions anymore because they just get buried as soon as they appear! There's no point anyone seeking advice in these areas because it all just ends up consolidated within the hour.
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As duplicate threads/posts are disallowed, members are directed to post to an existing thread topic. There is an infraction for this violation, but we seldom enforce it, choosing to move and merge threads as indicated by topical content.

If you have a personal relationship/dating experience which happens to involve online dating as your meeting point for that experience, it's overwhelmingly likely that your thread will stand alone, as it is your personal experience.

If it is about the positives and negatives of online dating, a rant about online dating, or about online dating in any general way, it most likely will be folded into the existing topic which serves to collate the dozens of threads on that topic which would otherwise clog the dating forum thread listings. In fact, the consolidated thread was created exactly for that reason, when moderation listened to members who tired of wading through countless online dating threads to find threads on dating itself, which is the topic of the forum.

Thanks for your input. If the site owner or head moderator indicates we are to change policy/interpretation, we will do so.
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