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River Rain 12th October 2012 9:04 PM

Consolidated question/information thread - Established membership/ private messages
Moderator-generated FAQ from common questions asked in this thread

1. How do I access the private message system?

When logged in, go to this link:

Look for the private messaging pane down the page. If visible, you have access to the system and can set your options as you choose. Save the changes at the bottom of the page.

2. I don't have access to private messages. Why not?

New members - Once a member has been registered at least 30 days and has made substantial contributions to the community with their posts, the system automatically grants them private message access, which the member can then set up as they choose. Generally, this is 50 posts. A member can tell this has occurred when their member status changes from 'member' to 'established member', as seen under their username.

---> A new member can add private message privileges immediately by subscribing. <currently 1/2018 not available>

Existing established member - Existing members lose access to the private message system because of being moderated. When a member loses their posting privileges due to violations of our community guidelines, they also lose their private message privileges for the period of their moderation. Once that period runs, the system reverts back to what they had prior.

3. I received an unwanted/abusive private message. What do I do?

Press the 'alert us' button at the top of that message and send it to moderation for our review. Add any personal content to your report which you deem pertinent. We'll process that report and contact the parties as appropriate.

If you wish to block receipt of private messages from any member or group of members, you can add those members to your ignore list. Once added, you won't see their posts, won't be able to like their posts and they can send you all the private messages they wish but you will never receive them. The ignore list is a powerful tool members can use to restrict interaction from other members.

4. How do I control who I receive private messages from?

In addition to the ignore list, there are also privacy settings for private messages that a member can set to select who they may interact with privately. Those settings are in the member's control panel in the private message pane previously linked.

5. Who can read my private messages?

You can and the site owner can, along with anyone you send the content to. Other members, and moderation, cannot view private messages. The site owner can see anything and everything on the forum if he chooses to. Historically, he does not look at private messages with the sole exception of when reports of forum attacks and/or spamming of private message boxes have occurred and been reported by members.


How do I gain access to the private message system?

And also to put a photo album on my profile?

I don't mind, but I just want to know the FAQ is vague at best, thanks.


William 22nd October 2012 12:46 PM

My latest numbers from perusing member accounts is 30 days membership and 100 posts, or being a subscriber. So, in the thread starter's case, it will be on or about October 30.

Update 9/16/14: After viewing a number of accounts with consistent timelines, appending the number of posts to 50, for now anyway!

Maria991 15th February 2013 1:48 PM

Private messages
Is it possibile to send private messages here and how to do that

William 15th February 2013 1:57 PM

Welcome to LoveShack.

If you wish immediate access to the private message system, become a Subscribing Member. The cost is low, 2.50USD for one month, and the message box size increases from 70 messages to 250.

Otherwise, you will be required to contribute to the community for some time, both in time and postings, before acquiring PM capabilities. Looking forward to your contributions.

I'm moving this to Comments and Questions since it's off-topic for this forum.

***Update 9/29/14*** Until I get confirmation of resolution from members experiencing issues with the subscription process for the forum, I'm recommending that people wishing immediate access to PM's by subscribing not do so at this time.

****Update 7/7/2017**** Please see this announcement for any updates on Premium Subscription program.

William 15th February 2013 11:03 PM

One nuance of our private message system:

If one has a fellow member on ignore, that member can send messages but they'll disappear into oblivion. That appears to be a different result than when PM's are merely 'shut off'.

carhill 16th February 2013 3:22 PM

If I'm reading this right:

"If you do not want to send or receive private messages, you may disable the private messaging system.

Enable Private Messaging
You may limit the receipt of private messages to just moderators and your contacts. Other members who attempt to send messages to you will be told that you have disabled private messaging.

Receive Private Messages only from Contacts and Moderators"

Apparently, we'll always receive messages (both infractions and regular PM's) from moderators and/or administrators and can select to limit received messages to those and messages from people on one's contact list. This presumes one has their private messaging enabled. If disabled, private messages are not able to be received or sent, but the person will still get infraction messages/e-mails. That's how it works on my forum software.

The OP asked about picture albums. IIRC, one can have a picture album as an established member (post count and period of time on-forum) and subscribing allows larger pictures, in addition to other benefits.

sid3 16th February 2013 7:57 PM


Originally Posted by BehindBlueEyes (Post 4615693)

That's what I thought..:(

BehindBlueEyes 16th February 2013 8:28 PM


Originally Posted by sid3 (Post 4616389)
That's what I thought..:(

They can still open your inbox to give you an ass whoopin....scares the shizzle out of me when that happens...

MrNate 2.0 11th April 2013 10:31 PM

How do I track pm's?
I see the option here on my profile.

But I don't really see a way to do so.

I ask because it's getting hard for me to track what I have and have not replied to.

tbf 11th April 2013 10:42 PM

Within your inbox, if there's a little white arrow superimposed onto the little blue envelope to the left of the PM, you've replied to it. If there's only the blue envelope icon, you haven't replied to it.

amaysngrace 11th April 2013 10:43 PM

You have to Jump to Folder

amaysngrace 11th April 2013 10:44 PM


Originally Posted by tbf (Post 4788281)
Within your inbox, if there's a little white arrow superimposed onto the little blue envelope to the left of the PM, you've replied to it. If there's only the blue envelope icon, you haven't replied to it.

or this...

William 11th April 2013 10:51 PM

The white arrow on the envelope in your inbox indicates a reply has been sent. If you wish to keep copies of replies, go here:

Then scroll down to the Messaging & Notification area and look towards the bottom of that area for this:

When sending private messages the forum can make a copy of the message in your Sent Items folder.

Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default

Check the box as appropriate.

Be aware, if replies are saved, they count towards your PM box maximum, which is 70 for general members and 250 for supporting members (subscribers).

What I usually do is reply with the quoted message included and the reply saved by default and then delete the inbox periodically.

Thanks for the question.

MrNate 2.0 12th April 2013 12:35 AM


That had me baffled for days.

Cutiepie1976 12th April 2013 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by William (Post 4614295)
If one has a fellow member on ignore, that member can send messages but they'll disappear into oblivion. That appears to be a different result than when PM's are merely 'shut off'.

Do such posters join their ignored PMs in oblivion?:confused:

...or is that too much wishful thinking on my part?

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