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kid's behaving badly

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Old 10th July 2006, 9:18 PM   #1
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kid's behaving badly

I really need to know if I'm the one or the kids?~~Here it is in a nutshell & as short as i can make it~~my fiance` died on jan. 16th 2006~~we lived in montana at the time~~his kids & mine came out after he died like within a day~~his kids were trying to get me to let them tale things right away~~i told them that i was'nt ready for that now~~i did however give them the van & the guns & gun cabinet to take back with them~~i told them that i would bring everything back & when the time was right we would go thru the rest of his stuff~~well i moved it all back in feb. & stored it in my daughter's garage~~i only heard from the kids twice since i've been back~~that was to go thru the stuff on memorial day & i said that was'nt a good time~~but i let them know that if there was anything that they really needed to have i would go & get it & see that they get it~~well to make this short~~that was'nt good enough~~so they took it upon there self to go & break in & remove items of their dad's & as well of mine~~i called the police & filed a report & now i've gone thru all of the stuff & have given them the option of coming & getting the rest of the stuff they failed to take & to return my items~~but that does'nt work with their schedule so i think i'm just going to deliver the rest of the stuff to them & be done with it~~i'm tired of it & tired of trying to compromise with "kids behaving badly"~~any feedback to this would be greatly appreciated~~
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When someone dies, you get to see the real side of some people..........hell, my aunt didn't even wait until my grandma was dead before she started to put her name on things she wanted. She literally put her name on scotch tape and put it on items she wanted!

Greed is a funny thing, and to his kids, you are nothing. I know i'm sounding harsh, but it's reality. They may have adored you while he was alive, but all of a sudden you are the only thing standing between them and the items they want of their fathers.

Don't take it to heart, this kind of thing happens all of the time. Give them the stuff, and go on the best you can. Nothing you do or say will change them.
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you are so right with those thoughts & i appreciate your honesty~~i'm trying to do the right thing & give it to them!
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