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Am I reading to much into this?

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Am I reading to much into this?

My friend who has become very distant .... I called him a few weeks ago he answered told me he was going to call me back but didnít .... yes I did decide to stop seeing him bc we wanted different things from the relationship... I wanted to remain platonic friends.... but he has been very distant..... I asked him via text did he want to be friends he said yea.... then I said I didnít believe him do you want be friends he said we good..... so a few days ago he text me and text said you need to fix your right tail light and rear light..... I was shocked no hi hey or how are I said ok thanks..... I am so tired of his bread crumbs I just unfriended him on Facebook and now I am deleting my Facebook all together..... why bother text if you canít even say Hi...... so people would say he doesnít care.. others would be does thatís why he texted to let you know
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Sometimes it's hard for people to remain friends after a relationship, even if they say they want to. Yes it would have been nicer to first say "Hi how are you?", then mentioned the tail light, but I don't see it as a big deal. See how it goes, if he keeps contacting you or not, what he says, if and how he responds to your texts. You should know pretty soon if he really wants to remain friends.
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