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Why Women On Average Are More Physically Attractive Then Men Are.

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Old 8th February 2018, 1:27 PM   #46
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Originally Posted by thefooloftheyear View Post
Good luck trying to find that among the girly handed, narrow shouldered, skinny jeans wearing, 140 lb hipster type men that dominate your age group...And there is documented proof why this is happening...

Interesting article, TFY! Just read this a day or two ago:

BPA chemical in plastic found in 90% of teenage bodies | Daily Mail Online

Also, wondering if the hormones in meat and dairy contribute.
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Because more focus is put on it. I mean, in general, "looking (stereotypically) hot" is more about time, effort and money expended than just about anything else. If you want it badly enough to pour all of that into it, you will look hot. There are a few people with genetics going against them, but by and large this is the rule.

Just like how more men pay for their date than women, on average.
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Originally Posted by GorillaTheater View Post
They tend to smell a lot better, too.
Skin a lot smoother too.
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Originally Posted by GuitarGuy7 View Post
I believe that women on average are more physically attractive then men are. Here's why.

Women Put More Effort Into Their Appearance

From makeup, mascara, (insert other makeup stuff that I have no idea about because ima dude here), moisturizer, hair styles, and other stuff that women use to look good, it's fairly obvious how obvious women put a lot of effort into their appearance. This in turn might make them look a lot better and broadens their appeal to the male species.

The top models and pornstars are women

In any profession where your job is to simply look good, women easily outrank men in terms of wealth and popularity. Your average female model can make $41,000 a year while your average male model makes much less than that. Even in porn, women are earning more. If you go to any porn site, it's fairly obvious that women are the stars and are much of the focus and attention. I'm sure many of you can name 10 different pornstars, how many of you can name 10 male pornstars?

More women are seen as 'physically desirable' than men are

If you go to any online dating site, it will soon be obvious how much more picky women are than men in terms of physical appearance. When it comes to desirability, men will rate around half of women he sees as 'physically desirable' but for women, only 10-15% of men she sees will be rated as 'physically desirable'. That's a big difference!

This shows two things. That women are more picky then men are in who they choose to date, and that women on average are more attractive then men are.

There's A High Percentage Of Women Who Are Attracted To Women

Women are more likely to be bisexual and have had same-sexual contact compared to men.

Just goes to show you that women are so beautiful that even other women are attracted to them...
I think it just proves that women are sexually appealing to you. It’s cool; they are appealing to me too.

There’s objective beauty in each gender. We can all think of a specimen that objectifies these gender-specific traits.

1. Women put more effort into their appearance because men are more visually stimulated (ask men and women if they’d rather have sex with the light on, I’d bet you’d get more guys to say “yes.”). As for makeup, it provides more contrast. More contrast makes a face look more feminine.

2. The porn industry’s main audience is men. The vast majority of men are heterosexual. Sight is the primary sense men use for erotic stimulation. Thus, females are the stars of porn.

3. Women can afford to be more selective in dating. Men tend to approach women more. However, I don’t think that correlates to objective beauty.

4. Roughly the same about of women and men report being homosexual. While it is true more women report as bisexual. More men report as being strictly homosexual.

On a side note. It is true that testosterone levels are declining. You can blame this on the low-fat diet that’s been pushed since the 70s (as physical labor decreased, we started getting fatter). Fat is needed to make T. As men, we are exposed to less T in the womb, and our bodies are not ingesting as much fat throughout life (people 100 years ago on average ate 10x as much lard as we do today).

We are becoming obese by increasing our intake of simple sugars and even less physical activity. Basically, we are still getting fat but not from animal fats, just unused carbohydrates converted into fat. It’s diabetes—not cholesterol from trans fats—that’s doing us in. :/

On the plus side, we aren’t dying of massive heart attack’s in our 60s like our grandfathers and keeping the hair on our scalp a bit longer.

***I was too lazy to add citations.
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Thank you. But you have to admit that men are pretty okay too
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Isn't this one of life's many conundrums that Seinfeld solved a long time ago?
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