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Does she like me?

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Originally Posted by Mr. Lucky View Post
It's not what you're missing, it's something you have - the scent of desperation.

You mentioned an interest in RC cars, I'll bet you have some connection to other tech hobbies and fields. Better to find groups with similar interests and use some of the "sales" techniques there - eye contact, listen intently, observe body language, etc. Keep at it without sex as a goal and you'll find a connection...

Mr. Lucky
Scent of Desperation... What would really cause this? Could it be possibility be that i'm Bipolar? Which I am currently on 3 different meds for. So I do find it pretty hard some days, but I try my best that I can.

My other interests is pretty much anything that does with technology. I find it calms my mind down really well. But unfortunately, there's really no groups like this in my area. Except for a RC car group that gathers once a week, which I attend all the time. But there is a group thats meant for single people. I just don't remember the name of it. I know they setup events and whatnot.
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Did a bit of editing and moderated one member for suggesting the thread starter was trolling. That's the absolute quickest way to lose posting privileges so don't even mention the word, at all, or anything like it.

Also, watch the language. Work the issue of does the lady like the man. Thanks!
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