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Chance of a 2nd chance

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Chance of a 2nd chance

I was in a short-term relationship, which she broke off, using the "I'm not looking for a relationship" line via text. Which we all know is one of the biggest copout lines, especially over text. I as a man, of course, didn't do the right thing in the immediate aftermath of receiving that text. I played it cool and did not say how I really felt, or tried to salvage any part of the relationship. Most of all I didn't try to find out what went wrong. As things were going very well, then took a 180 after we both went to our respective hometowns for Thanksgiving. We were not dating, as we never discussed it, more of just hanging out. However I internally thought of bringing it up, but never did

Of course like every relationship there are many details and idiosyncrasies that pertain to this one. I am looking for advice on whether 2nd chances really do exist.

We still text back and forth, however, she removed me from social media and the texts has gone from mutual conversations to being one-sided with me asking, although she is very descriptive in her responses, plenty of laughs as well. Its been about a month since we really stopped talking as "more than friends". I am not and was not looking for a relationship. Looking back on it as I type this, it does seem like we were in a relationship, as we texted each other first thing in the morning and the last thing at night tried to spend as much time as we could during our busy work travel schedules, guess that makes us exclusive? So I guess I do not know what I was looking for, I just liked what we had and don't know what I should do.... Do I reach out and text here, starting things over from scratch. Or take chances and tell her, that I really liked her and I wish I put up more of a fight?

Looking for advice..
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Where will you end up by not doing anything?

Can't never did nothing.
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The right girl won't make you fight to keep her around, she will want to be around. In other words, let her go.

There are definitely second chances. I have screwed up enough relationships and been given another shot The trick is to show a lot of growth as an individual while you are away from her. She deleted you from social media but she might still stalk your page sometimes, so any accomplishments you make should be posted online and made public. Give the stalkers something to see.

Hit the gym, take some classes, try for a promotion at work. Anything to show progress on yourself. If she was ever invested in you to begin with, seeing you make those strides may make her decide she screwed up by letting you go.

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People don't usually use that line (not wanting a relationship right now) as a way to make the other person chase them. Usually it's because they mean it. No wonder you're confused because she said this and stays in regular contact with you. Why not just say you have a little confusion on what is going on here, and would like her input.
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