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Thanks ;)

General Relationship Discussion Everything else under the sun. Not sure where to post? This is the place!

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Thanks ;)

My apologies for creating a post just to say this,

But from the time i have been here,I have learned alot about relationships,women in general and stuff which i was totally unaware of .I was living in my wonderland so far thinking love is great where everything seemed lovey dovey and just great but being on here and reading people thoughts about situations,I have reached to the conclusion,

NOTHING is way it seems,this led me to some dream shattering,but after awhile i get it and eventually learned some ways to counter the situations i have been in before .
Wish i had found this site sooner,maybe then i would still be having my ex gf with me still i believe she is ex for good reasons now.

Just a bit scared to go into a relation again in my life,

I'll probably stick around this site to learn more.I want to do masters degree in Psychiatry someday,So this site will help me greatly

Thanks again everyone.
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Love is a Battlefield
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