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Guys! Are some girls' vaginas tighter than others? Does it make a difference?

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Old 20th March 2004, 8:06 AM   #1
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Guys! Are some girls' vaginas tighter than others? Does it make a difference?


I have been wondering lately whether I am "big" or "tight" down there but cannot really ask anyone as I'm not in a relationship and don't really want to call up ex-boyfriends ;-)

Guys, are thin women tighter? Have you ever noticed any differene?

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Old 20th March 2004, 8:16 AM   #2
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Small mountains can have big tunnels through them. A woman's body size is irrelevant to how tight she is. It's got to do with genetics (how she was built originally), sexual experience...and the amount of lubrication certainly contributes to the feeling. Also, some women can be tight sometimes...and a bit more looser there at times. Different guys may find the same woman looser...or tighter...than others.

I think you can find lots of other things to worry about. When you get into another relationship, you can find out just how you are for the guy you're with anyway. Meanwhile, I hope you'll work on problems you actually know you have and are able to correct at the moment.
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Old 20th March 2004, 9:19 AM   #3
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I wouldn't worry if I were you. There are plenty of women out there having perfectly good sex lives after pushing out babies and if that doesn't make things a bit baggy, I don't know what would!
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Old 20th March 2004, 12:53 PM   #4
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It is more or less psychological than in fact physical. If you are in the right mood and your guy knows how to handle you there should be no problem at all. Just sit back, relax and don't ask anybody. If anyone started to complain that might be his problem though.
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Old 20th March 2004, 6:24 PM   #5
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Some women have felt tighter than others. And believe me, how tall, short, thin, or otherwise the woman is has absolutely nothing to do with how "tight" she is down there.

Does it matter? If it is just sex, it might make a difference, just like some women say about the penis. If I like the person and am attracted to them it isn't a very big issue. When I have sex there is a lot more involved than just genitalia. What I mean to say is that kissing, hugging, holding, nibbling and a multitude of other things are all incorporated into the experience.

Should you care? I don't think so. Worry about pleasing who you are with at the time. I would certainly hope that if they are getting intimate with you they care for you somehow.

If it helps any, there were a few women I was involved with who were a little too tight for me, so I really do not think you need to be concerned about this at all. For me at least there is such a thing as too tight.
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Old 20th March 2004, 8:10 PM   #6
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Whoops! Maybe I'd better ease up on the Kegels, then. And stay away from the oldies station too. Every time I hear "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell and the Drells, it tends to do strange things to me...
Originally posted by Dave1234, joy of joys and greatest LoveShack love toy.

I, Dave, hath chosen to also photo with long lense which protrudes from my camera of life force and shows falic symbol erected in direction of assembled love mass. .... but telephoto lense being hard and erect will attract many horny love-sturved babes to my shift before deadline and I will go into press room behind ink barrel to press lense into soft, velvet case and make love froever more. .....
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Old 21st March 2004, 1:11 AM   #7
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Vagina size

Just a comment on this.......My ex-wife had 2 kids, and as she puts it....."forcing something the size of a bowling ball out your ass is gonna change something". Other wise... non-child bearing women might be "tighter".
However....if tightness matters, then stastically, why do so few women have vaginal orgasms as opposed to more common clitoral orgasms?.
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Old 21st March 2004, 1:19 AM   #8
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I have never heard a man say "I only want a really tight one"....basically, they just want to get laid. LOL!
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Old 21st March 2004, 1:26 AM   #9
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"I have never heard a man say "I only want a really tight one"....basically, they just want to get laid."

Yeah, well when I don't say that...I think it anyway!
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Old 21st March 2004, 2:24 AM   #10
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Whether your "big" or "tight", attaining strong, gripping muscles by doing kegals will be of benefit.
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Old 19th October 2005, 11:58 PM   #11
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Exclamation something to add

I've been dating a girl for the past 4 years and our sex life wasnt all that wonderful. She was very loose down there and I wondered if I had any effect on her at all, because she rarely showed it. Recently she cheated on me and we broke up. I have since been with another girl who is amazing in bed. We slept together and after that it seemed that she didnt want to get "frisky" anymore. One night I was joking with her and said..."I wish I was black" and she goes "why", and i reply "so i could be huge". Her eyes widened and she said "yeah cuz it doesnt hurt enough already"! I was shocked. I was very forward with her and asked if that was the reason we hadnt been getting intimate. And she told me YES! she is much tighter than my ex., but i talked to some of the other girls i slept with (ex GF's) and they told me that i was very big. So in a search to find what to do about it I stumbeled upon this forum. There is no reason to fret about it or even worry about it because it will not affect ur sex life, unless it hurts. As of now I dont know whats going to happen with the whole situation, but I dont want to miss out on being with this girl...personality is is just awesome!
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Old 20th October 2005, 7:11 PM   #12
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i always see the most randomist subject, and its random bc its not in the right place...

i scroll down to you know" new posts"

i see...

stuff about nc..

stuff about wife leaving..

than i see something about vaginas?

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