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Can't stop thinking about her, can't figure her out

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Can't stop thinking about her, can't figure her out

Didn't really know where to put this, so its just ended up here.

First, a bit about me. I'm 17, quite a shy guy, sometimes lacking a bit of confidence. I'm a very genuine and moral person. However, at the moment my family is going through a bit of a tough time and I don't have a lot of people to talk to, and I often feel lonely. When I'm alone I only ever have one thing on my mind, which I'll get on to now.

So, the start of last summer, I met this girl who I straight away realised was different to any girl I'd ever met before. To me, she's the nicest, most genuine, beautiful girl I've ever met in my life. Never felt like this about anyone before. Since meeting her, I've had no interest in any other girl.

She started at the same school as me this year and I got to know her relatively well, and someone else figured out that I liked her, told someone else who then told her basically in front of me, and these people were convinced she liked me too. I was obviously expecting it to be awkward, but surprisingly it wasn't.

These people kept trying to convince me to ask her out, which I eventually did, but she was busy which was a real disappointment, especially since I don't know whether she just didn't want to go or was actually busy. So I left it for a while, then asked again, and once again, she was busy. Just left me wondering

Then, I heard that she turned down some other guy who liked her to his face, and I just can't figure her out and it's driving me crazy! And as mentioned, I'm not the most confident or blunt guy and wouldn't just go up and ask her if she liked me, and I felt that she'd be the same in terms of being completely blunt about something sensitive like that.

Maybe I'm just over thinking everything but It's really affecting me, although I have no trouble hiding it. When I'm with her, all of the problems I have in my life at the moment just go away, and dare I say it, for me, she is what I've been waiting for.

Would just like thoughts, advice and opinions really.

And sorry for the essay, tried to keep it as brief as possible


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Hi 06f51, I'm really sorry to hear that you're feeling lonely and going through a tough time. You sound like a lovely person so try and keep smiling!

I hate to say it, but the only time I turn someone down when they ask me out is when I don't fancy them

Although, she might just be as shy as you could ask one of your friends to talk to her and try and find out if she likes you. This usually works best at your age. Good luck!
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