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Social Proof...and why is it so hard to get

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Social Proof...and why is it so hard to get

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to decide on how to improve myself and thus attract more women in the process.

Along with points such as looks, dress, behavior, and confidence, I believe that I have been improving consistently and will continue to do so in the future. However, in my time here at college, I noticed one major weakness that I haven't been able to address yet.

That is social proof, or the lack thereof.

My problem here in college is that I never had a consistent group of close friends here, just mainly drinking buddies. Lately a few other people joined the crowd whom I'm not too fond of. All they do is drink, do drugs, make fun of each other, make racist jokes, and put everyone else down...quite the opposite of social proof. For example, one of the douche bags who's always there would make a racist joke about me (I'm not white), and even though he's only joking about it...he makes everyone else (almost all white) laugh. Sure he wasn't serious, and 1-2 times is funny, but after a while it gets you flustered and ruins your social proof.

Anyways, college is ending, so thats irrelevant now...

In a few months, I'll be starting work in a competitive financial workplace that is heavily male-dominated and somewhat superficial...and I really want to be able to address this issue now while I'm still young. The question is, the workplace is how do I approach it? I'm really only focusing on people around my age and job-level...not so much senior management.

I know I'm sociable enough to be general terms...but I feel like for the workplace I'll need to be something more like a leader...and kind of like an alpha male--outside of work--- without others consciously realizing it (there are plenty of Alpha male wannabes in finance, and it might be unwise to start office politics). So, if someone can give me some pointers in this...I'll thank you later for helping me in both my pursuit of relationships and my career advancement.
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