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Am I stupid?

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Old 28th December 2001, 6:49 AM   #16
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Oh, Oliver.....

He was really nice last night and took her to dinner and to a movie. So we now know that the guy is actually capable of being nice...or capable of faking out a girl who seems to be madly in love, in fatuation, in smitten, etc., with him.
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Old 28th December 2001, 9:53 AM   #17
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Sorry Tony, but this time I think you're being a bit harsh


sounds like your man is improving. I think the key here on your part is FEEDBACK.

Think about it, this man is used to being married. In other words he has forgotten how to DATE.

Since you enjoyed the evening so much, you need to let him know that it was SOOO NICE that HE went to the EXTRA effort and you think its nice to go on FORMAL dates at least ONCE a week.

Let him know they don't need to be expensive, but the the fact that they are PLANNED out, makes them more special.

You need to let him know with positive feedback when he does something right.

Also, here's another thought; in our age(early to mid thirties), we are probably not going to meet men who have never been married. Or the chance is slim. So face the facts. We all have baggage. YOU have baggage, right?

Your baggage is that you've been soooo hurt before, you are afraid of being hurt again. That in and of itself is very dangerous. SO, take a chance.

The other thing is; RELAX. ENJOY. HAVE fun.

My previous relationship, I analyzed and over analyzed. I don't know why I did it, I guess, I felt powerless. But for whatever reason, in this relationship, I have stopped it completely. I used to think that analyzing was part of my nature, but now I think not. I think we

CAN control it.
Old 28th December 2001, 3:50 PM   #18
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Re: Sorry Tony, but this time I think you're being a bit harsh

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