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Oral Sex Taste/Smell to make it better.

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Old 18th January 2001, 3:42 PM   #1
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Oral Sex Taste/Smell to make it better.

I have a question, I was wondering what people use or do to make oral sex taste/smell better fro guys doing it to women? Is there some kind of lotion, will taking a shower right before help significatly? I mean, when I did it for the first time, I thought the smell was ok/but not the most pleasant. Any ideas? (btw, I have only done this once so far....)

Also, do guys privates smell/taste when girls perform oral sex on them? What can I do to better "Satisfy" my GirlFriend?
Old 18th January 2001, 6:09 PM   #2
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Re: Oral Sex Taste/Smell to make it better.

Yes, taking a shower improves it significantly, but also, there are a lot of tasteful edible lubricants for oral sex. Do guys smell? Yes they do, especially if they are uncircumcized. But that decreases a lot after washing, so I say wash it before you become intimate with your girlfriend.

Good Luck!
Old 18th January 2001, 8:21 PM   #3
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edible lubricants=trouble

If it's possible, could you suggest to your girlfriend that you BOTH have a shower together prior to sex/oral sex? You can wash each other, really lather up those private parts.....this is a lot nicer than telling her she has an odor!

If a woman is really clean/fresh 'down there', and doesn't have any kind of vaginal infection or her period, she should smell and taste ?good (I wouldn't know personally)...fresh. I myself prefer to have a quick shower/bath before an evening of "love"....but if it's a quickie during the day, I'll always pop into the bathroom and freshen up with a washcloth...but hey, that's just me. Could be something YOU do, then maybe your g/f will follow suit.

Also, some women trim their public hair a little bit....this helps to keep things down there fresher...because even though she wipes when she pees, some urine gets into the pubic hair and that is often a lot of the reason for the odor. Also, keeping the hair trimmed means getting less pubic hair stuck in the back of your throat! LOL (yes, men should trim down there a little....just clip the hair so it's not so long/doesnt get in the way as much).

It's not a good idea to use 'edible lubricants' or massage oils or lotions or anything 'down there', on a woman....because most of these contain sugar......and this can cause a nasty yeast infection!!
Old 18th January 2001, 9:09 PM   #4
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Re: edible lubricants=trouble

I have never had a problem with smell or taste , I think it is an aquired taste , and sometimes right before your cycle your odor is stronger but should never be offensive thats just nasty.

keeping the area shaven is definitely a good idea if you intend to do this often , its better for both.

also sometimes what you eat has alot to do with it like garlic and onions it can be a factor in it.

I would definitely shower first , me personally don't even want to go there unless its fresh meat . hehe

have fun !
Old 19th January 2001, 6:20 AM   #5
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Re: Oral Sex Taste/Smell to make it better.

Taking a shower is the best thing to do. If she does not have an infection, it shouldn't smell too bad. Just suck it up and like it! It's really the only way she gets pleasure.
Old 19th January 2001, 6:52 PM   #6
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Napoleon thought Josephine smelled good!.

A dentist once told me that when they were studying the human body in dentistry school, the professor told them that the cells in the vagina look identical to the cells in the asophogus(spelling?). And the only way to tell the difference is the smell. The smell of the vagina I guess is actually the way the female body smells, and it is not actually a hygiene problem(although I'm sure in many instances it could be and is). I think that should comfort you in that respect, at least knowing that even after a shower, there will be Some smell there. You may have been totally surprised. Maybe in your mind you thought there would be absolutely NO scent, and the approach of scent turned you off.

I guess what I am trying to tell you is that it is gods way of making that area distinct. I think that over time you will probably learn to likeit. Not all pleasant smells are like flowers or perfume. I guess we are mammals and have kind of an animalistic thing going on except in the age of computers its kind of hard to remember that we are mammals too.!!!!

As a matter of fact, Napoleon used to write Josephine a couple of months in advance of when he would be visiting her and would instruct her NOT to bathe. (disgusting, but trying to get my point across). Now what do you think about that?


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