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Cross-posting and duplicate submissions

Community members are able to see all new posts in all of the forums. Therefore, we expect that you post an item only once, in the most appropriate forum. New posts or threads with the same content or general message are considered identical.

External links and fair use

During the course of discussion, participants may wish to share relevant external sites to support an argument. External links must be non-commercial, provide empirical data relevant to the thread of discussion, be sponsored by an accredited educational institution, or link to a peer-reviewed publication. Commercial sites are those which stand to benefit financially either directly or indirectly from traffic directed to them from our site, including those designed to acquire user connection-specific data. All external links must point to text-based (HTML, ASCII) or graphical material (JPEG, GIF, PDF) viewable within the context of a standard web browser. Direct links to file archives, executable programs, screen savers, and other binary files are generally prohibited.

Should it be necessary to quote directly from any source, electronic or otherwise, a proper, full citation must be included. If the resource is located on the web, a direct link should appear with the content. Quotes may not be longer than 250 words.

You may include your personal homepage in the "homepage" field of your profile, however the other fields of your personal profile, including your signature, may not link to or contain a commercial web site as defined above, regardless of whether or not you are the owner.

Paragraphs and formatting code

We ask that community participants separate long posts into paragraphs, leaving a blank line between each block of text similar to the style used in this document. We have found that posters who follow this suggestion not only improve the readability of the post, but also tend to receive a greater number of responses.

Our forum allows special codes to be inserted into messages that allow basic formatting of text. We expect that participants will use these codes sparingly and refrain from using excessive amounts of color, bolding, size, or font definitions that will make reading the text difficult for the visually impaired. These codes are reserved for highlighting text and are not intended as decorative embellishments to the majority or entirety of a submission.

Thread titles

It is important that threads are easily identifiable and as such we expect that posters will use descriptive thread titles which refrain from making general comments requesting assistance. We assume that all threads posted on the forum are seeking assistance and consider any requests for assistance within the thread title to be redundant.

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