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LeeLoo 12th September 2005 10:48 PM

Allowance/chores for an 11 year old
My boyfriend's daughter is 11.
How much should her allowance be?
What chores or household responsibilities should she be expected to carry out to earn her allowance?

Before she and her father moved in with me she was expected to take in/out things into/from her room, such as books, shoes, and other personal items left in the livingroom. She got 2$ a week for that, and an extra dollar if she put her freshly laundered clothes away.

When they moved up here with me, I told my boyfriend that in my opinion, an 11-year-old girl is capable of putting her things away, PLUS she should do something to help the entire household as a shared responsibility- not just take care of her own things and no one else's. I also think that she's fully capable of putting her laundry away as part of her regular set of chores and shouldn't have to get extra for that.

He agreed - that she's old enough to help out the household as a whole. We put her in charge of the recycling - which is a daily job. (Also, she generates most of it, with her cans and food packages.)

Still, how much should she get for doing her chores?
How much does the average 11-year-old kid get these days per week?
What type of other chores are kids expected to do these days?

My daughter is 5 - is there a good chore for her to do so that she feels like she's participating also and can earn a "big girl" allowance? She really admires my boyfriend's daughter.

Merin 12th September 2005 10:56 PM

LOL When I was 11 I did chores because if I didn't I was in trouble:lmao:

My Mom never gave me an allowance for doing things she felt I should be doing anyway... when I asked her about this (as my friends were getting cash for stuff) she said to me "There is no way I'm paying you to do the right things. You live here, I feed you, I buy you clothes and other things."

IF I needed or wanted money for things my Mom would usually give me the cash but as far as getting money for doing things in the house I lived in OR getting money for good grades... Hell nah my Mom was NOT all about it... BUT she did tell me what I would get IF I didn't get good grades or help out around the house.... D:eek: H!

My oldest daughter is 8 and my Baby is 5... They both help out making a mess LOL but yeah I make them help do chores around the house and for my oldest good grades isn't an option... IF she gets a bad mark that means no running around the hood playing all day after school, it means she'll be in the house doing more school work...

My 2 cent's

LauraBancroft 15th September 2005 4:17 PM

My sons are 10, 8, and my daughter is 6. My daughter cleans up the living room and her room and I give her two dollars a week, thats all she needs.

My 8 year old cleans up his bedroom, their bathroom, and feeds and waters the dogs and I give him 5 dollars a week.

My eldest son does the dishes, takes out the trash, and cleans his bedroom. I normally give him ten dollars a week.

I normally do all the other things, occassionally my daughter will help out with the laundry and for that I'll normally give her an extra dollar. My house stays spotless. They make the messes and I think since I pay all the bills they should help keep the house clean!

Art_Critic 15th September 2005 4:29 PM

When my sisters were 11 they were cutting the grass for a chore.
They were paid 10.00 and the lawn mower was a riding.

Now when I was 11 my brother and I we were cutting the grass with a self propelled..

2.50 for the front and 2.50 for the back yard.
and if we did any other lawns than my parents we had to pay for the gas

Blackfrost 15th September 2005 5:50 PM

my daughter is 5, and I pay her $3 per week for a 5 day chore schedule. She has to feed the dog every morning, clean her toy room (before I get home from work) and keep the fridge stocked with bottled water monday through friday. If she chooses to earn an extra dollar for the week, she does those three things on both Saturday and Sunday - then she gets the extra dollar. I assume that for the next few years, I will increase her chore itinerary by 1 chore per age year as well as $1 more per age year. At this age it gives her the empowerment to learn to save and spend her money for the things she really wants to buy.

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