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Old 22nd September 2018, 7:22 AM   #61
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Originally Posted by No_Go View Post
1 year attempts (i.e. no protection sex) under 35 makes for an infertility diagnosis.

Why is the constant bleeding? How are your progesteron levels?

Three of them start and finishing on the same day - that's unlikely a period, you may need to dig further what causes your bleeds.
I mean I got a 28 day cycle, for three cycles in a row. Cycles started on the 8th of the month each month, for 3 months in a row. Lasted 28 days. Bleeding a normal amount of days.

I do not believe I am infertile - I just think my body needs a bit of extra help to ovulate as regularly as other women - the fact I even got some regular cycles in a row for PCOS is a great sign, and I will more than likely conceive when my doctor and more than likely a specialist, figure out how to get my body ovulating regularly. So not totally infertile by any stretch. I have my ovaries, uterus, eggs left, and the ability to have a very high likelihood of conceiving, and only need to work on hormonal balance/ovulating.

I have ovulated for 3 months in a row thus far which is still something - before medical treatment. I had another 3 periods too post pill once a month albeit on different days. So my body is for sure trying to work, and is not totally dead/unresponsive.

Many women with pcos get 0 periods. Ever. Yet most of those women respond to ovulation induction drugs. And the women that bleed constantly have it way worse than me - they usually bleed very very heavy with pain and cramps and need blood transfusions. My bleeding is not heavy or worrying although it does suck. When I stick to acupuncture and Chinese herbs my bleeding stopped he last time I bled for months at a time - the bleeding then only returned once I stopped doing acupuncture/Chinese herbs. SO - I may just need that the second time around to stop the bleeding again and then to maintain the treatment long term, to stop prolonged bleeding from occurring again...

My doctor is one of the best prefers natural remedies to just throwing women with pcos on the bc pill and only coming off it to conceive - she is all about trying to regulate hormones without quick fixes. She would rather that I have periods monthly and ovulate each month, then get thrown on the pill and then need ovulation drugs to conceive.

But I supposed it is a blessing in disguise that it will take a few years longer to conceive and carry - at least we will be forced by default, to be more financially comfortable by the time babies are here!

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Old 22nd September 2018, 7:31 AM   #62
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Part of the reason I am not yet worrying about my ability to conceive just yet despite being 31 - is because in the year and a half off the pill - my fiance worked interstate as a truck drive most of the time, we did not have sex every week/have it enough to be truly concerned that I am "infertile" just yet.

That and the fact I did not have periods for months and was not ovulating - there were no opportunities to conceive - the 3 months my periods were regular, he was working away from home a lot, we did not have sex often and 3 months is still within the normal time frame for normal, healthy women to take to conceive.

I have a good feeling that after a year or two I may conceive with minor medical help, I just do not feel it will take longer than 2 years. Just a feeling I have.
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Old 24th September 2018, 7:04 AM   #63
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Well my parents are being annoying about all this.

They think I should wait until a couple of years after I graduate - they said I should use protection until I am 35 or 36, as it is important to have the basics like owning a home and having plenty of savings.

I am glad I did not fall pregnant sooner than now - as we were not in the right state in our relationship or financially so in a way, 33 ish would actually be the ideal time for us - but yeah, there is now way we listen to people who tell us that we have to postpone for TOO long.....

I think 33 is a good compromise for us to start assisted conception rather than right away however; they were right that Fiance only just got his big break work wise, and it would be nice for him to go full time rather than casual (after 6 mnths probation) and for him to consistently keep earning 2K a week so that way we can save a little for emergencies.

I am 31 he is 32, so when I am 33 I feel that is a good time to start trying.

In the meanwhile we will not prevent, but with pcos I will need help to ovulate and maybe to carry (progesterone gets low and u need emergency help to maintain and carry the pregnancy)

Mentally we are ready for the commitment though and the baby would have its basic needs met and I would be able to stay home - but it is foolish to actively "try" fertility treatments until we.. well, have the money FOR the treatments LOL... let alone a lack of savings.

It is one of those tricky situations where.. we cannot in good conscience prevent at this age, as we have the right feelings, right relationship and right future career trajectories that are in his site and close enough in my immediate future that I do not feel we would be poor for long.... YET we will still not actively try- remember - unprotected sex is not "trying" with pcos.

I have a feeling in a year or two it will just happen prior to us starting fertility assisted conception type of help. Fingers crossed.

Parents will be livid in the meanwhile but oh well, my dad does not understand why a woman would be depressed over her inability to have a child due to having left it too late - he says that "Well, if u have a child before you have plenty of financial security you will just be miserable and regret it and u wold have been happier if u had just not had kids at all" type of thing.

I do not think men get it. My outlook is - you know if you want to be a parent and you just make it work - even poor people make it work and manage to work hard enough to provide well enough.

If we met at a younger age I have a feeling we would have waited but who knows - it just feels like anything from now is "right" for us mentally and emotionally. A year from now would be ideal though so my PCOS has proved to actually have a plus side - in that we have been forced to wait to have kids until we are more ready financially and dare I say - emotionally due to the stress of study and my degree.

I will continue to laugh it off when well meaning friends tell us that we should wait until after 35 since podiatry and career are so important - to them right? Not to me. I Just want to be a mum and work part time and make raising kids meaningful and fulfilling to them.

People just impose their own values and beliefs and expect you to listen since they have been there... I could never place career over my ability to conceive children while I am still at a more preferable age...I just cannot fathom holding off deliberately at this stage in my life, it just feels wrong to me and to my fiance.

I am surprised at how many people just flippantly say oh just wait, 35 is fine, be financially stable..... I mean I KNOW having money and being responsible is super important but.. again - this is something that CAN be changed after a baby, especially if you are over half way there pre baby with the leg work mostly done.
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