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It's hard when your a kid raising a kid-my little girl is too nice.

Parenting Discuss tips, concerns, and all the mayhem involved in raising kids.

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Old 22nd October 2003, 9:24 AM   #1
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It's hard when your a kid raising a kid-my little girl is too nice.

I am 24 years old now and my little girl is 8, I had her at 16 and so far I feel I've done good job of it. She is the sweetest little girl (too sweet) nothing like her mommy. I think that what has got me this far has been my strong personailty and attitude towards life, I'm not by far passive at all and I can handle anything that comes my way but my daughter is the total opposite of me.

Well point is she is in 2nd grade now and is constantly coming home complaining and crying about kids bullying her and so on. I ask her what she does about it and she says "I cried and told the teacher" at first I started telling to tell on kids who hit or bully her but now she has become a sort of cry baby tattle tale and gets bullied even more. Recently out of frustration I told her to just hit back or tell kids to shut up and don't let her self get pushed around, I told her she has to defend her self but that has not worked either. My daughter is very much a push over and even though she is taller and stronger that most of her peers she cannot bring her self to defend her self. I just don't understand why she is like that.

She is a beautifull little girl and not just becuase she is my kid but really she is, we are in the process of getting her into modeling. I always make sure she is dressed in the latest fashions because I was teased as a child for my poor appearance (I come from a very poor family), I make sure her hair is always looking cute and basically just do all I can to make sure she is happy and confident.

She breaks my heart because she is always trying to be freinds with kids who are mean. Once our neighboor daugher who is 8 too was out playing and my daughter went out to play with her and this little girl told my daughter that she does not want to play with her and that she is busy, my daugher was heartbroken so I took her to the store and bought her some candy. When we got back to the house she asked me permission to go back outside and I said fine, when I looked out the window I noticed she was sharing all her candy with the neighboor girl who had just dissed her! I just wanted to go down there and give that little girl a piece of my mind......
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Old 22nd October 2003, 9:39 AM   #2
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I'm looking for a very nice, sweet, forgiving young lady. Would you please have your daughter call me in 15 years? I'd make a very good son-in-law!

Hang in there. You're doing things right and she has lessons to learn. But she is an evolved soul and thankfully transcends the childish BS that most humans engage in. I think your daughter will grow up to be an exceptional lady.
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Old 22nd October 2003, 9:45 AM   #3
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Thank you and no thank......

Yes I do think she will grow up to be a very nice person but at the same time I feel this world is too harsh and I do not want her to be a push over.

And the only son-in-law I have in mind at this point is the one I can bring home to bring my parents.........
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Old 22nd October 2003, 9:58 AM   #4
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It's hard raising a kid at any age. My oldest daughter (13) is the same as your child. She has one girl that has given her problems for a couple of years, I think she has finally realized this girl is all talk (she has never hit my girl, only threatened to) and now she has learned to ignore her, so the little bully leaves her alone. I'm the complete opposite of my daughter, I would have kicked that girls ass a long time ago....I would now if it wasn't illegal . Just teach your little girl that not everyone in life is going to like her, and if someone threatens her, stand up and say "I don't think so!" Then they won't pick on her even more for being a cry baby. I have been working in my area to get rules passed for ZERO tolerance when it comes to bullying, in my daughters school, this rule has come into effect this year, and I couldn't be happier. Bullys tend to be the targets in school shootings, so it should end, BEFORE it starts!
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Old 22nd October 2003, 10:11 AM   #5
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My daughter was a little older than yours (ten) when she started to be picked on in school. I've always encouraged her not to fight, but she lacked courage to stand up for herself. She didn't want to report her bullies to the teachers or principle for fear it would only make things tougher on her. Her grades began to suffer because of the stress.

I sent her to martial arts class and she became a black-belt, one of the best in her class. Not only did it provide her with activity and exercise, but once the kids in her school learned how good she was, the bullying stopped. She never got into a physical confrontation, but it did wonders to boost her confidence. Once she lost her fear, she was no longer a target.
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Old 22nd October 2003, 10:30 AM   #6
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Hold the phone

I thought schools were supposed to be actively working against bullying? What is up with trying to teach kids to fight back? And what on earth is up with calling a kid who reports bullying a 'tattletale'. That stupid 'keep silent about evil' BS should be long gone out of anyone's mentality. How sick that kids be taught to NOT speak up about wrongdoing.

Get yourself to the school and find out what they are doing (or not) about bullying, and if they are doing nothing, then help get an anti-bullying program started.

Here's some info:
Other State and National and International Programs on Bullying,00.html

Effective Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools,1510,9600,00.html

Best Practices in Bullying Prevention
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Old 31st October 2003, 4:01 PM   #7
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My 6 year old daughter is completely the opposite, not that she's a bully, she just won't put up with anyone (no matter their age) even getting an attitude with her. She has never hit anyone, but her words and attitude can make a 10 year old back off. I have always told her that if she gets in a situation where she has to defend herself from whoever, do it. I think it has to do with confidence. Maybe some martial arts or other extra curricular activities will help boost your daughter's confidence. And I would go up to the school and let them know about it also. They can't do anything if they don't know about it.
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