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Interpreting Actions

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Interpreting Actions

I'm not sure where to begin here. I'm having trouble interpreting the recent behavior of my aunt by marriage ( my mom's brother's wife). While she is a friendly person with most everyone some of her interactions with me seem to almost border on flirtation. She's much older than me and has known me since I was a child, but only within the past year or two have I noticed a change in the way she acts around me. I'm maybe just reading too much into things but thought I'd get some outside perspectives.

Some things I've noticed are her putting her hand on my butt and holding it there (which has happened frequently), being generally touchy and she has also recently started kissing me on the lips (which she never used to do, even on the cheek). I've also noticed a certain look in her eye when she looks at me sometimes, which is hard to explain and something I thought I was merely imagining. One time she wanted to walk me home which I declined ( I only live a few blocks down the street). I've tried not to read too much into these actions, but I can't help but wonder if there's "more" to it.

It doesn't make me particularly uncomfortable or anything but I wonder how outside of the norm this is, if it is at all. Is this typical behavior for an affectionate aunt? It's all a bit confusing for me.
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Is dementia a possibility?
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Originally Posted by CautiouslyOptimistic View Post
Is dementia a possibility?
While I can't rule it out 100% I haven't seen any obvious signs of it, or other behavior out of the ordinary. I did forget to mention that she usually had some alcohol in her system when doing these things. That could have something to do with it maybe?
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