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Is my mother a selfish so and so?

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Is my mother a selfish so and so?

My mother chose, after my father died, to go and live in a remote country town to be near to her favorite, (golden), child. Fave child died three years ago and mother refuses to move again to be closer to family even though she's 85 and not as independent as she once was. She's an 8 hour drive from me, interstate, and I'm the closest to her in distance. She wants to come stay with me for a holiday, and initially she was going to book a flight, (which she usually does), but suddenly she decides she doesn't want to fly and yesterday she asked me if I would drive down there and pick her up on the long weekend which falls in two weeks time. I have refused to drive down to get her, I think she's being both very selfish and very rude expecting me to do that. I work full time and have other responsibilities also. So now she's saying she will drive up herself, (NO! she's got bad eyesight and shouldn't attempt to drive that far), and won't give any explanation why flying up is a problem all of a sudden. I also think I should mention that this is a woman who, back when I and my sisters were teenagers, would refuse point blank to pick us up from anywhere, we always had to find our own way home. Am I being unreasonable?
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Well no, but you have to consider the fact that one day, maybe soon since she's 85, your mom won't be here anymore.

Whenever I get annoyed with my mom, I think of how much worse I could have had it if she didn't care for me. I watch the movie Lion to remind me.
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