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my mum keeps wearing short skirts to impress her boyfriend

Family Parents too demanding? Sibling driving you mad? Tell us!

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At the root of all this is your jealousy. Sounds like you are envious of the fact that your mother is in love with a man, instead of focusing purely on being a parent which is all she did for many years of your life.

Your mother is a woman and not only your mom. Women want to be sexy for their men and that is okay.

My mom was wearing very short shorts once and my father asked her to change. When she put on something less revealing, I asked her why she was letting my dad boss her around. My mother said: "I just want your dad to feel that I respect him and his comfort level." I didn't understand that until I was married.
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There's a lot of strange assumptions and reasons people are throwing at you in this post so maybe I can help clear this up as I have a pretty good idea of why your mom acts this way.

Your mom sounds like she wasn't able to live her youth and express herself in her younger years...she might have gotten married, had kids too fast all before she had time to be young. Therefore the daily regiment was taking care of you guys and being a mom, she never got to go out and feel sexy and attractive to men.

All those things you wanted to do when you were young but didn't get a chance to do may haunt you in the future. Remember that when you're thinking about cutting your own life short, getting married and having kids young thinking you want it and won't miss out on anything. There is a lot you get from life being single, yet more importantly without the liability and responsibility of raising children.

Secondly this also comes with insecurity and trying to hold onto youth, many older women feel like they have to compete and do outlandishly obvious things to attract men physically to get attention because they don't have the bodies of a younger woman who would easily attract men without the over the top compensation. Plus they like the attention and validation these men give to them. Unfortunately this is bait for the wrong kind of men, men who go for women don't tend to be the "good catches", far from it.

Lastly you do have to understand that as unappealing as this is to you and your brother and how embarrassing she is, your mother isn't going to care because this is her time..she's living her life now and she does have a right to. She's been living a certain way trying to raise two kids, dealing with all kinds of other crap and drama in her life she wants to rebel a bit and express her freedom. It makes her feel good, sexy, and attractive.

I do agree with you on how it looks, she doesn't realize how embarrassing she is herself to look and act the way she does sometimes, she's probably totally not with it and dressing her age. Because this is going to run It's course until she just realizes It's time to give it up, or that the reason she's doing this is because of her insecurity and she needs to find other ways to feel valued and sexy...or at least understand there's no reason to make a huge statement out of it.

It's even more degrading to you because you are her kids, unfortunately grown men won't feel this way because they could care less, and are likely not conservative themselves. You don't ever have to be like your mom and I'm glad you feel the way you do about this, I hope when you're older you don't ever walk in those footsteps because I see a lot of women of that age doing this because they were repressed and highly insecure in their marriages.

It's not appealing and attractive to me and I'm 31, but as you get older you also change and to a degree stop caring what other people think. And by this age, you'll have done many things you say you would never do, so try to be a little less hard and judgmental on your mom...a lot of times people are just trying to hold onto the moment and what makes them feel happy right now, even If they know it's shallow and superficial. Your mom likely has issues and problems she can't talk to you about, and you may not ever understand her but try to turn a blind eye for her for all the things she has done for you and your brother in your lives...what she's doing is for her, If that makes her feel a little bit better about herself, let her be, It's her body and choice just like yours is...she couldn't stop you from doing what you wanted to do If you really wanted or had your own reasons.
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Originally Posted by ditzystacex View Post
what does that mean?

His Mum is prancing around in a skirt like she's 20-30s.. Because she cannot figure out to her display herself/attributes in more flattering way. She doesn't realized she's not 20-30, or that it doesn't suit her or the common conceptions of a "woman" her age. And I'm sure it's akward to see your mother dress ridiculous, whether it be just unflattering, outside her norm, or outside society's norm.
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Originally Posted by ditzystacex View Post
if i'm immature then how come my brother thinks exactly the same as me?
i know how to keep my man happy and i certainly do not need to wear clothes that he tells me to.
Your brother is immature also.....
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