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!!!pregnant break up

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!!!pregnant break up

Im so unhappy I feel I need to find myself.

I feel my girlfriend holds me back. Ive tried to break up with her but I end up feeling bad and gulted into staying.

We have been together since we were 16 years old now 24 I feel I need a change. I have tried to work on this but people grow out off each other.

I told her how I felt and broke up and now she tells me she is pregnant. This was two or 3 months ago. I feel sad and dont want to be a jerk and leave her when she needs me the most. All I can do is watch the belly growing. This will be my first child. So we are trying to make it work but I just want out but dont want to be a complete tool and leave.
It is 50% my responsibility. I know this relationship wont work we are two very different people. And I feel held back in life by her.
What should I do leave now or just see what happens.
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Old 25th June 2012, 9:05 AM   #2
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Go to couples counselling and be very honest about what you feel, why and what you'd like to see happen in the future.

Have you fallen out of love with her completely? If so, then you two can co parent, be good parents too and just not be a 'couple' in that way. It'll be hard but as long as you both put your child first, it can work.

You do need to get a paternity test done or are you 100% sure this baby is yours? You say you broke up a few months ago..Is it possible that she had sex with someone else?
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OP opened 2 more threads on the same subject :
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I know what you mean. What you want at 16 is very different than what you want at 24. You still have your whole lives ahead of you both. If you can't make it work somehow and you only have amicable differences, perhaps you can stay friends and work out a mutual agreement as far as your child.
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I would definitely recommend couples counseling at this point.
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