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Family Parents too demanding? Sibling driving you mad? Tell us!

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Red face !!!!

I have been with my bf for going on three years we just had a son together 5months ago. My Family doesn't like my bf from day one. I live with my bf which is a problem for my mom she wants me home with her. She wants me to leave my bf cuz she feels there are enough role models in my circle of fam and friends that my son doesn't need his father. My bf is a good dad we do have our ups and downs like all relationships have. So this previous weekend my brother came down to visit so I made sure Saturday I went over my mom so my bro could see the baby. He usually comes down on the weekend and leave sunday morning. The last 3 time he was down him and my mom insist on coming by 8am on sunday morning so my bro can say bye to the baby. As I already mentioned my fam don't like my bf. So last sunday I text my mother at 7am to find out when they were plannin on stopping by and to inform her that I will just come over there cuz I knew they just wanted to cause conflict . But my mom insisited no we aren't coming. But at 9:45 her they come. Me n my bf where outside they pulled up and I told them they baby was sleep, they were mad cuz my bf didn't speak as he didn't see them. So they left and 2mins they came back I went outside my bro stormed out the car sayin why couldn't he speak. So my brother goes in the house and they exchage words. Me and my mom walk in to them about to fight. My bf asked them to leave then they weren't so my bf pushed my bro out the door he came back in my bf threw my bro on the floor then he got back up they and more words were exchanged. My mom kicked my bf a few time. Then they left. Now my fam is against me how I turned on them my mom changed the whole story telling people my bf called her a b*t*h and swung at her which wasn't true. They want me to pick between them or my bf. Yes my bf was wrong for even feeding into the conflict. My mom been trying everything for me to leave my bf and I think this was just another one of her ways. Would u leave ur bf and go wit ur fam or stay with him??
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